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To absolve someone means to forgive or free them from guilt, blame, or responsibility for something. Let’s look at an easy example:

He will be absolved of the crime he committed.

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Video Transcript:

The jury in the court pardoned and released the defendants of their crimes. Friends, let us try to make this sentence shorter?
I said that jury pardoned and released the defendants.
To ‘pardon or forgive’ is the meaning of the word ABSOLVE.
So, now we can say, “The jury absolved the defendants of their crimes”.
Sounds better, don’t you think?
Now let us look at this word in another example.
Her youth does not absolve her of responsibility for her actions.
This means that her reckless actions cannot be justified by her naïve age.
Another example is “The man asked the priest to absolve his sins.”
Some substitutes for the word ‘absolve’ are ‘forgive, exempt and excuse’
Opposites for the word ‘absolve’ are ‘accuse, blame and punish’

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