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The word accord means to be in complete agreement or harmony with someone or something. Let’s look at an easy example:

The whole class begged the teacher in accord to postpone the quiz.

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Video Transcript:
All the singers were singing in sync with one another during the performance. Friends, can we try to make this sentence simpler?
I said, “the singers were singing in sync with one and other”
The phrase ‘in sync with one another’ can be substituted by one word, which is ‘accord’
All the singers were in accord during the performance.
‘Accord’ means ‘to be in agreement or harmony’
Let’s look at another example.
“To be in accord, the whole team wore the same color shirts to the rally.”
Or “They came to an accord that the profits should be shared equally.”
Other substitutes for the word ‘accord’ are ‘unity, agreement and pact’
Opposites for the word ‘accord’ are ‘disagreement, difference and disunity’

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