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A person who strongly supports a particular person, principle, or set of ideas is considered adherent. Let’s look at an easy example:

He is adherent to the philosophy of Buddhism.

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Video Transcript:

Everyone who works in this company is required to strictly follow all the rules of the contract

Friends, can we rephrase this sentence a bit?

I said, “they are required to strictly follow all the rules”
Now we can replace, “strictly follow all the rules” with the word ADHERENT.
Let’s see how.
Everyone who works in this company is required to be adherent to the rules of the contract.
Hence the word ‘Adherent’ means ‘follower or disciple’
Let’s look at more examples.
“Paul became a strong adherent of the new church.”
“She has long been an adherent of the Communist Party.”
Other substitutes for the word ‘adherent’ are ‘believer, devotee and fan’
Opposites for the word ‘adherent’ are ‘rival, adversary and enemy’

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