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Captivity is a situation in which a person or animal is kept trapped or confined. Let’s look at an easy example:

Animals that are kept in zoos are in captivity.

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Video Transcript:

I was astonished to see the tiger which was held in captivity, by the forest authorities. The tiger tried to jump out of the cage, but could not.
Now, friends, you must be wondering what ‘captivity’ means. Let me explain.
‘captivity’ means ‘imprisonment or confinement’. This word refers more to the animals. Of course, we can use this word for people who are kept in confinement, for some misdeeds of theirs. There is a similar usage for ‘captivity’, which is ‘custody’. Of course, ‘custody’ is used to refer to criminals, where the word ‘captivity’ has a much wider usage.
The antonym of ‘captivity’ is ‘freedom’ or ‘liberate’.
We can say ‘the victims who were held in captivity by the terrorists, were liberated by the armed forces. The noun form of ‘liberated’ is ‘liberation’. So guys, whenever you come across instances of ‘confinement’ , start using the word ‘captivity’

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