1) Suchithra is good at playing Veena. ___________ ?

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The question tag of the feminine singular subject Seetha which has the auxiliary verb “is” 
is ‘isn’t’ and the correct pronoun is ‘she’. Hence d.

2)A sound mind can think very positively. _________?

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Negative of the modal verb ‘can’ is ‘can’t’. ‘it’ is the pronoun which refers to a thing, whereas the 
pronoun ‘he’ refers to persons. Hence d.

3)Everybody should wear a helmet while driving a two wheeler. _________?

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The indefinite pronoun ‘everybody’ is always used in the neutral gender form. Moreover, it refers 
to a person. Hence ‘c’.

4)We need not stay long. ____________?

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As a modal verb,need is most typically used in negative sentences or in affirmative sentences with 
a negative meaning. So the affirmative form of needn’t is ‘need’. Hence c.

5)He used to sing well when he was young. __________?

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In the sentence he used to sing” used to’ does not function as an auxiliary verb and in-fact 
used to sing” becomes an infinitive. Hence there is a need for an auxiliary verb and ‘did’ is required in
 this case, since ‘used’ is in the past tense. The question tag should be negative, since the statement is 
affirmativeHence c.

6)He has to do his daily routine without fail. ___________?

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The negative question tag for ‘he has’  ishe hasn’tHence c.

7)Let’s leave immediately. __________?

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The negative question tag for ‘let’s’  is ‘shall we’Hence d.

8)I am late for the class. ______________?

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The negative question tag for first person singular personal pronoun “I” is “aren’t”. There is no 
word in English as amn’tHence ‘c’.

9)Switch on the TV. ____________?

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The sentence is an imperative sentence. Imperative sentences are used to issue a command or 
instruction, make a request, or offer advice. The negative question tag for imperative sentence is “won’t 
youHence b.

10)None of your friends has approved this. Have they?

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The word “none” has both a singular and plural sense. The rule is that, when “none” is followed by 
the preposition “of” , examine the noun that follows (which becomes the object of the preposition). If 
the object of the preposition is singular, use a singular auxiliary verb and if it is plural, use a plural verb. 
Hence c.

11)Don’t go near the transformer. _________?

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This is an imperative sentence in the negative sense. So, the question tag is “will you”Hence a’.

12)I often shout at my mother. __________?

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The question tag for the first person singular personal pronoun “I” + Adverb “often” + simple 
present tense verb “shout” is “don’t”Hence ‘b’. 

13)My friends don’t disturb you often. ______________?

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The question tag for the third person plural subject “subject which has a present tense verb 
disturb is “don’t they”Hence ‘d’.

14)You love watching English movies. ____________

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The question tag for the second person singular pronoun “you” which has a phrasal verb “love 
watching which is in the present continuous form is “don’t you”Hence ‘c’.

15)__________________________. Aren’t they?

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Here there is a negative question tag and so the sentence has to be positive. aren’t they” is the plural question tag of “are + plural subject”aren’t”  is the negative form of the present tense auxiliary verb “are”. Hence ‘a’