Crampete Coding Contest #4 – Build a Simple Calculator

Participate in Crampete's weekly coding contest #4 and sharpen your HTML,CSS and JavaScript skills.

Participants will receive a Crampete certificate.

This week's contest: Build a simple calculator. You can find the sample calculator here

Deadline: 12 pm on Friday(1/May/2020)


  1. You can use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to develop a calculator.
  2. Submit your entries by 12 pm on Friday(1/May/2020) .
  3. One person can make only one submission.
  4. You shall upload your submissions to a cloud drive (like Google Drive or Dropbox), make the folder public, and share the URL with us using the submit button below. We're unable to accept email submissions.


1 ) Is there any registration fees for participating in this challenge?

No. Participation in this challenge is free of cost.