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Angular Js Developer

AngularJS is like the building block of creating web applications. Learn this almost superheroic front-end framework to be a front end web developer!

What You’ll Learn

Here's what is covered in this course. Every module is comprehensive and concentrates on a set of skils.

  • 1MODULE 1: Introduction to JavaScript/Jquery

    know the JQuery advantages and how to include them in your website with storing them locally.

    • 1. Introduction to Jquery
    • 2. Benefits of Jquery
    • 3. Document.ready()
    • 4. CDN
  • 2MODULE 2: Introduction to Angular JS

    Know the features of Angulr and discuss its architecture. Learn to extend HTML.

    • 1. Features and Benefits of Angular JS
    • 2. Extending HTML for Web applications
    • 3. Model, View and Controller in perspective of Angular JS
    • 4. Angular JS Script and CDN
  • 3MODULE 3: Directives

    Learn the lifecycle, types of directives and other basic concepts of the directives.

    • 1. Teaching HTML New Tricks
    • 2. Binding Text and Attributes
    • 3. Directive Process Life Cycle
    • 4. Basic Directives
    • 5. Scopes
    • 6. Re-usable Directives
    • 7. Directives into Components
  • 4MODULE 4: Expressions

    Bind application data with HTML. Learn the pure javascript expressions of Angular.

    • 1. Expressions are lightweight code snippets
    • 2. Expression Capabilities
    • 3. Limitation
    • 4. Expression and $eval
  • 5MODULE 5: Filters

    Use filters effectively to transform data . Know how to format data in Angular using filters.

    • 1. Standard Filters
    • 2. Writing our own Customized Filters
    • 3. Tying with filters together
  • 6MODULE 6: Controllers

    Control the flow of data in the application with controllers in angular. Learn to build and work with controllers.

    • 1. Where Controllers fit in in Angular JS Perspective
    • 2. Managing Scope
    • 3. Setting up Behavior
    • 4. Building a Controller
    • 5. Advanced Controller
  • 7MODULE 7: Models

    Learn to create models. Learn about types of model and how to work with them.

    • 1. How to create a Model
    • 2. Explicit Models
    • 3. implicit Models
  • 8MODULE 8: Views

    See how to create views with angular and how it is different from other frameworks. Learn to tie views to model and controller.

    • 1. Angular’s take on the View: A little bit different
    • 2. Tying a View to Controller
    • 3. Tying a View to Model
  • 9MODULE 9: Scopes

    Learn all about scopes and its lifecycle in Angular with this module. Why it is important?

    • 1. What are Scopes?
    • 2. What does scope provide?
    • 3. Scope Lifecycle
    • 4. Reducers
    • 5. Scope as glue between controller and view.
    • 6. Root Component
  • 10MODULE 10: Single Page Application

    Angular achieves SPA by multiple views in the same page. Create models and Work with angular routing services.

    • 1. Meaning of SPA
    • 2. Creating Angular Modules
    • 3. Angular Routing Service
    • 4. Routing Basics
    • 5. Skeleton of SPA Application
  • 11MODULE 11: Angular Forms

    Forms in angular and its validation and other options are discussed. Learn to work with types of forms.

    • 1. Angular Forms vs HTML Forms
    • 2. Angular Form Controls
    • 3. Form Events
    • 4. Form Validation
  • 12Ajax, Data and Angular

    Get an introduction to interacting with servers and work with APIs.

    • 1. High Level Interaction with Servers
    • 2. Low Level Interaction with $http
    • 3. The Promises API
    • 4. Rest API with $resources
  • 13CRUD Operation in AngularJS

    Learn how add, modify and delete data in AngularJS by applying previously learnt modules

    • 1. Implementing Crud Operation using Controllers, Scope, Directives, Services.
    • 2. Sequence Code Explanation
  • 14Real time Project with AngularJS

    know how to use angularJs for real time project. Get details on functional and technical flow

    • 1. Intro to Real Time Project
    • 2. Functional Flow Logic Explanation
    • 3. Function conversion to Technical Flow Explanation Sequence Code Explanation

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