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MongoDB Developer

A NoSQL database, Mongo is popular and widely used. The trending database is a must learn skill to scale up and work with projects and large amounts of data.

What You’ll Learn

Here's what is covered in this course. Every module is comprehensive and concentrates on a set of skils.

  • 1MODULE 1: Introduction to MongoDB

    Get introduction to NoSQL databases and Mongo

    • 1. Introduction to MongoDB
    • 2. Pre-requisites
    • 3. Concept/Structure/Schema
    • 4. Why MongoDB?
    • 5. Installation in Windows
    • 6. Exercises

    Learn the different types of data types and their usage.

    • 1. Data Types
    • 2. Exercises

    Use grouping of documents. Collect documents of various types. And know to store the collections in a database.

    • 1. Database
    • 2. Collection
    • 3. Document
    • 4. Exercises

    Use criteria and create conditions based on which you will retrieve data from the database.

    • 1. Insert/Create
    • 2. Select/Find
    • 3. Update/Save
    • 4. Delete/Drop
    • 5.Limit and Sort
    • 6. Indexing
    • 7. Exercises

    Distribute data to other server, sync other servers, and many other services provided by Mongo.

    • 1. Replication
    • 2. Sharding
    • 3. Backups
    • 4. Deployment
    • 5. Exercises
  • 6MODULE 6: MongoDB with PHP

    Use Mongo PHP driver to use PHP with the database. Perform CRUD operations with PHP.

    • 1. Installation
    • 2. Connection
    • 3. CRUD
    • 4. Exercises
  • 7MODULE 7: MongoDB with Node.js

    Use Mongo PHP driver to use nodejs with the database. Perform CRUD operations with NodeJS.

    • 1. Installation
    • 2. Connection
    • 3. CRUD
    • 4. Exercises

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