December 21, 2018

8 Bands in IELTS: What Does It Take?

You have finally made up your mind to take up the IELTS and now all you can hear everyone talk about is the ideal 8 Band score. But, what is…

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IELTS Exam Apply
June 13, 2019

IELTS- What is it? How to apply?

Applying to IELTS Exam   The most widely accepted English language proficiency exam around the world is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). It measures the candidate on a…

December 21, 2018

How To Achieve 8.5 Band Score In IELTS

Getting an 8.5 in IELTS distinguishes you from the others as someone between a very good user of the language and an expert. In addition to this, an 8.5 band…

December 21, 2018

IELTS – Choosing the right training partner

Now that you’ve finally decided to take up the IELTS test after much contemplation with the various possibilities regarding your career abroad, it’s now time for you to put your…

December 21, 2018

How To Prepare For IELTS As A Working Professional

IELTS : WHAT AND HOW? If you’re in that crucial phase of your life where your career seems to be pulling you in all different directions then, you must have…

December 21, 2018

Crash Course On IELTS

An unexpected opportunity or a sudden change in your career path has made you take a sharp turn. A world full of new opportunities is waiting for you on the…

December 21, 2018

Complete IELTS Guide

With your high hopes and aspirations to pursue your dream career abroad, you have decided to take the first step and that is getting a good score in your IELTS…

December 21, 2018

Cracking IELTS in 2 weeks: What and How?

So, your IELTS exam is in two weeks and you’ve just realized you have very little time to prepare. Well, fear not for you are in the right place. This…

December 20, 2018

How To Decide IELTS Academic or IELTS General?

Taking up an IELTS test can create a significant impact on your career path in countries abroad.  It gives the resume that extra shine it needs with several opportunities waiting…