Cracking IELTS in 2 weeks: What and How??

Cracking IELTS in 2 weeks: What and How??

So, your IELTS exam is in two weeks and you’ve just realized you have very little time to prepare. Well, fear not for you are in the right place. This article will help you get your dream IELTS score with just 2 weeks of preparation. But of course, this cannot be made possible if you don’t burn the candle at both ends.

Week 1

Day 1 Getting To Know

If this is your first IELTS attempt, one of the essential things you need to get familiar with is the test pattern/ format. Obtaining a complete understanding of the IELTS test pattern will lend a timely hand in answering the questions appropriately and within the time limit. There are plenty of study materials available online and sample tests to put your skills to test and to help you improve them. Gather all your study materials and once you are crystal clear with how IELTS works, you’re all set for the next step.

Days 2, 3 & 4 Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Statistics show us that 90% of Indians are better English speakers than when it comes to writing. It’s up to you to prove this wrong. Venture into the online world and search for previous question papers and study them to get an idea of the kind of topics you’ll be asked to write on.

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Practice, practice and practice making sure you use the right words in the right context and avoid grammatical errors. The term ‘practice’ here actually means putting your pen and paper to utmost use. If you’re not used to writing lengthy paragraphs or essays, you better start practicing now. It’s also best to incorporate a wide range of vocabulary in your writing but using fancy words is everything, using them in the right context is what makes you score more.

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Days 5, 6 & 7   Practice Reading

What could be so hard about reading? Well, here’s the tricky part, you have to read huge paragraphs and understand the whole context and answer a series of related questions within a given time limit. Start reading a lot of articles, especially those that appear in the newspapers to get familiar with the formal tone of the English language. Try to improve your reading skills and speed by referring to various online samples and practicing every day.

Week 2

Days 8, 9 & 10 Become A Good Listener

You cannot become a good listener overnight. It takes time and a lot of focus and patience, Make sure your concentration is not scattered. One good way to practice and improve your listening skills is to play the recording and let it run in the background while you go about doing your work. This is a great way to improve your concentration and listening skills. You can also listen to podcasts on education, politics or even the radio! The key here is to keep practicing with the help of online sample tests and you’ll become the Listening master in no time!

Days 11, 12 & 13  The Power of Speaking

This is the only part of the test where you’ll get to impress the examiner in person. So, you have to pay a lot of attention to the details when you’re speaking.  Improve your fluency and make sure you use the right pronunciation for every word. Using non-lexical fillers such as ‘Umm’ and ‘Uh’ is a total no-no.

This only degrades your performance and certainly won’t help you create a good impression in front of the examiner. Here’s a suggestion, record yourself when you practice speaking and listen to it to find out where you went wrong and what you need to improve. You can even play the recording to your friends or mentor and ask them for advice.  During your leisure hours, watch the news and try to impersonate the speaker’s accent to better yours.

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Day 14  Revise and Rejuvenate

The final day is for you to sit back and relax a little after all those days of tedious preparation. But, don’t let loose, not yet.  Go back to Day 1 and revise everything just to make sure you haven’t forgotten the important details. We’re human after all! Take a final sample test to make sure you do it right this time, avoiding any mistakes you may have made in the previous weeks. Two weeks of exhausting preparation will have drained you of all energy. So, take a step back, rejuvenate yourself and get ready to ace that test!

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