What you'll learn

  • Become a certified mongoDB developer/administrator
  • Learn to create database, collection, document
  • Learn to write CRUD operations/query (Insert, Update, Delete, Select)
  • Learn to create indexes using mongoDB
  • Learn core concepts like Replication, Sharding, GridFS, mapReduce, Covered Query, ObjectId, Capped Collection, etc.,
  • Learn to use GUI for mongoDB operations
  • Learn to backup and restore mongoDB database
  • You will do assignments and projects involving creating database, collection, document, indexes, views, etc., both in command line (cmd prompt) and GUI (Compass)


  • You will need a laptop/ computer to use our web app or mobile phone to use our mobile app to learn lessons through our videos.
  • Make sure you install all tools mentioned in the getting started video.
  • No previous experience required. All our courses are designed to cater all levels from beginners to advanced.

    Course Features

  • Videos40
  • Quizzes 20
  • Duration40
  • Handson Labs5
  • Cram Projects 1
  • LanguageEnglish
  • AssessmentsYes

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