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Data Science is the most in-demand job in the market. This course, designed for both students with and without coding experience, makes you a well-rounded data nerd, ready to be hired by top MNCs.

What You’ll Learn

Here's what is covered in this course. Every module is comprehensive and concentrates on a set of skils.


    Get a basic overview of Jupyter Notebook and its components; and learn about the three most popular Python libraries: Numpy, Pandas and matplotlib.

    • 1.Environment Set-up
    • 2.Jupyter Overview
    • 3.Python Numpy
    • 4.Python Pandas
    • 5.Python Matplotlib

    Statistics is an essential skill required to master data science. This module will introduce you to the most important statistics concepts that are used in data science.

    • 1.Difference between a population and a sample
    • 2.Types of variables
    • 3.Measures of Central Tendency
    • 4.Measures of Variability
    • 5.Coefficient of variance
    • 6.Skewness and Kurtosis

    Inferential statistics is a main branch of statistics. It allows you to make informed decisions based on the analysis of a representative sample of large data sets.

    • 1.Normal Distribution
    • 2.Central Limit theorem
    • 3.Confidence Interval
    • 4.Student's T distribution
    • 5.Test hypotheses
    • 6.Type I and Type II errors
    • 7.T-test

    Learn about a powerful statistical method that allows you to establish the relationship between two or more objects of interest. Also learn about analysis of variance (ANOVA), which helps you analyse the diffences among sample sets.

    • 1. Regression
    • 2. Anova
    • 3. Correlation and Causation
    • 4. R square
    • 5.Adjusted R square

    Learn how to use visual methods to analyse data sets to summarize their main characteristics. See data beyond formal modeling or hypothesis testing

    • 1. Intro to Exploratory Data Analysis
    • 2. Derive insights of Data with python pandas
    • 3. Missing value analysis
    • 4. Outlier detection analysis
    • 5. The correlation matrix

    Learn how to use visual methods to analyse data sets to summarize their main characteristics. See data beyond formal modeling or hypothesis testing

    • 1. Intro to Supervised Machine Learning
    • 2. Linear Regression with an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 3. Logistic Regression with an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 4. Naïve Bayes method and an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 5. Decision Tree classifier and an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 6. Random forest classifier and an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 7. Support vector machine (SVM) and an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 8. Intro to Neural network

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Data Science is considered to be the most employable profile in the digital world. There are numerous courses in the market and it is necessary to choose a profile that fetches you the job. It is not necessary to learn Data Science online course in a physical classroom. As everything is available online for your self-paced learning. You are able to gain the necessary knowledge over the Data Science online course at your leisure time. The major advantage of this course is you are restricted to any specific place to feed your brain. Data Scientist has a huge demand in the market as they gather data, analyze it and predict the customer’s choice to turn the business into a huge success

With data-driven decision-making a norm, there is a huge market for data scientists. But most of them require specialization or a graduate degree. Data science is becoming increasingly popular as they help organizations make smarter decisions after having analyzed the existing data. Now, it is possible to learn Data Science online course through various digital platforms.

There is a great demand for data scientists all over the world. Business is moving towards making decisions that are data-driven. data science has been one of the best jobs for the past few years. Thus, leading to the upsurge of Data Science online course amidst professionals and students. A lot more job opportunities are opening up and are expected to be trending technology in 2020. Evolving technology and innovation in big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence is only contributing to the ever-increasing demand for professionals trained in Data Science online course. Around 11M plus jobs are expected to be available in the US alone by 2026. So gear up and take a data science course online.

Every Data Scientist is expected to possess certain skills and one among those skills is Math. This is because there are chances of situation when the person is required to access huge amounts of data, then comes the deployment of your Math knowledge. You can learn Data Science online course from anywhere to boost up your knowledge. There is a necessity of linear algebra and calculus knowledge by them along with statistical hypothesis for the accomplishment of business analyst task. It may be difficult for some in mastering the concepts. However, continuous practice will help you in mastering over the time. Learn Data Science online course to make your presence distinct from others.

Help make smarter decisions by analyzing the data. Expansion of data with third-party resources whenever necessary. Apply the latest data mining technique. Build a prediction system and integrate it with the product. Create and optimize anomaly detection system. Process and verify the integrity of the data that is analyzed.These are some of the work carried out by a professional who’s trained in Data Science online course

Other than programming language skills, you need to have a degree or certification: Unlike other job profiles, data science requires a higher level of education and certification. You can obtain certification by signing up for Data Science online course. You can train to become a data scientist through an online course rather than going for a full-fledged higher education. Learn to use frameworks based on these languages like Hadoop and Apache Spark. To stand apart from the other candidates learn machine learning and AI technologies. Learn natural language processing, neural networks, computer vision and more.

The average salary of people employed in data Science sector in India is Rs.7,06,000/- according to PayScale and Glassdoor. Depending upon the location, skillset, degree, experience, and certification, the salary will be increased from the base salary. Thus, learn Data Science online course will definitely be beneficial

There are certain programming languages you need to know if aspiring to become a Data Science professional. But, learning more and more languages and tools will only make you a more appealing candidate for various companies. You can learn the languages through Data science online course.