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Crampete Pte. Ltd. helps students and working professionals upgrade their tech expertise through industry-focused online and classroom training courses. Students are put through a rigorous regimen of hands-on training. They complete a capstone project independently after which they are certified.


Full Stack Web Developer

Digital Marketing

Data Science

Crampete Hiring

No more hiring chaos, stress or disappointments.

  • No minimums. We can provide even a single resource.
  • Our candidates have the ability to learn fast.
  • Our candidates can thrive in dynamic work environments.
  • We customize the hiring process for your requirements.
  • Our candidate profiles are thoroughly verified.


Entrepreneurs who fulfill the following qualifications have the greatest chance of being successful as our franchisee.

Reduced time to hire

Our service is inexpensive

Simple, easy and fast

Access to certified students with real-world project experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes, you can hire Crampete graduates for internship roles and provide them with a certificate at the end of the term.

We strongly encourage you to compensate interns. It will present your organization in a positive light and will help attract more talented candidates.

Absolutely. That's the advantage of internship programs. Once you're satisfied with an intern's performance, you can make them an offer for a full-time position.

You can conduct a placement drive in our office, which will be attended by qualifying Crampete graduates. When you see all of them together, it makes hiring many people easy.

We currently provide candidates for Full Stack Web Development, Data Science and Digital Marketing roles.

For sure. We understand that your company would have a unique way of identifying the best talent. We'll collaborate with you to make your selection process produces the best candidates.

Our students are generally from well-known colleges in and around Chennai. Many of them are working professionals looking for larger roles at work or are career-changers. All have them have the drive to excel and succeed.

We do not charge any finder's fee for this service. You can hire our candidates without any cost whatsoever.

Sure, please send us complete details about your job opening. We'll share it with our student community and connect interested candidates with you.

Sure. Please send it to us at and we’ll reply as soon as we’re able to.