Cram Code

Dealing with irregular work or college schedules, but still like to upgrade your skills? Enrol in our in-demand self-paced courses and reach new career-highs.


Python is a coding language that is in demand, both from learner and employer perspective. It has a simple syntax and is easy to learn. It is easily readable and is good for prototype building.

React JS

Learn to design create interactive UI with the popular framework. Learn the most popular Javascript library ReactJs for front-end development!


A NoSQL database, Mongo is popular and widely used. The trending database is a must learn skill to scale up and work with projects and large amounts of data.


Learning PHP will equip you with writing server-side script. But taking up this course you will learn how to collect data from a form, generate dynamic data and send & receive cookies and more.

C Program

Brush up on the fundamental skills of coding, a must for every programmer. The course is designed for both new and experienced coders who wish to strengthen their basics.

C++ Program

A basic programming language with a steep learning curve, it is present everywhere in the world of technologies. Learn the C++ fundamentals to get an edge over your competitors.

JAVA Program

Most popularly used language in web development, it is a must-learn for all aspiring programmers and for coders who want to become a JAVA full-stack web developer.


Know how to turn a crappy web page into a beautiful web page. By learning CSS you will know how to add colour, background and change page layout.


Bootstrap is one of the most widely used frameworks in website development. By utilizing pre-built templates and components you can quickly build an interactive and responsive website.


Learn one of the most popular languages in web development. Learning JavaScript makes it possible to build interactive web pages.


In this course will teach you on the basics of version control system Git. Along the way you will learn how to create ripo and view commit changes.

Angular JS

Learn one of the most popular frameworks to built web applications. Through this course, you will learn how to build interactive applications.

Node JS

Our Node JS will train you in building highly scalable, fast and secure REST APIs with Node.

Data Analytics

Our Data Science course is perfect for both freshers and working professionals. This 100% hands-on course teaches you Inferential Statistics, Regression, Supervised Machine Learning and more.


Join our HTML course and learn the foundations of web pages. By learning HTML you will be able to add image, videos or test in web pages. Learn the basics of web page designing.

Quantitative Aptitude

In this course, you will learn how to solve problems in these topics - Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, modern maths, data interpretation, data sufficiency.

Verbal Ability

This course will help you spot the errors in a sentence, understand parts of speech, tenses, degrees of comparison, types of voices/speeches, affixes, spellings & subject-verb-agreement.

Logical Reasoning

In this course, you will learn how to solve problems logical reasoning aptitude questions quickly. We have covered most commonly asked questions in placement tests.