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Crampete creates, markets and delivers in-demand tech courses to students and working professionals across the world. Crampete Learning Center welcomes ambitious entrepreneurs in India to fast track their growth by becoming our franchisee partner.


Full Stack Web Developer

Digital Marketing

Data Science


Entrepreneurs who fulfill the following qualifications have the greatest chance of being successful as our franchisee.

  • Investment capacity of 5-10 lakhs (varies based on the city)​
  • Experience managing an education centre​
  • Should have space for two classrooms that can each be equipped with 25-40 computers (desktops or laptops)
  • At least one discussion lounge for students​
  • A dedicated staff room
  • Knowledge of the local education market​
  • Be able to invest time personally​


Entrepreneurs who fulfill the following qualifications have the greatest chance of being successful as our franchisee.

Training & Support

We train your staff to produce maximum sales in minimum time.

Proven Pedagogy

Perfected courses perfected over hundreds of training hours.


Get prospective students who want to enroll in your institute.


You’ll execute a well-oiled operations process at all times.

Hands-On Labs​​

A large component of hands-on labs makes learning effective.

Mobile App

The feature-packed Android app will be available to all students.

Trainers on Demand

We provide ready-to-deliver trainers for specialized courses.

Hiring Partners​

Our corporate partners can hire the students that you train.


Meet with Us

Our franchise team will meet with you to assess if our mission are aligned.

Due Diligence Audit

A background check ensure all the success factor are present.

Agreement Signing

A solid agreement is put together for us to sign.

Site Selection & Inspection

Let us help you pick a great location for your franchise.

Planning & Training

Get the essential training that makes your franchise a huge success.


Your franchise is ready for business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Absolutely. This business model works great for first-time entrepreneurs. All you need to do is fulfil your responsibilities in a timely manner and reap the rewards.

You need to invest about 15-20 lakhs to become a Crampete franchisee.

From the day of contacting us to starting your first class, the entire franchise process can be completed within a span one month.

The following cities are in the expansion roadmap for 2020: Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, and Chennai.

Franchisees can expect to make 60-70% of generated sales.

While having some understanding of the nuances of the education sector will be helpful, it is not a requirement to become a franchisee or succeed in this business model. Motivation and determination is all you need to win.

To begin with, your team will have at least five staff members: franchise owner, a trainer, a counsellor, a marketing executive, and an office assistant. As you grow, you can hire more staff.

It's in our best interest to make the Crampete brand known at a national level. To this extent, we'll execute brand-building advertisements from time to time.

Colleges and universities have a natural synergy with the aims of Crampete. Crampete franchisees can be set up within campuses and can quickly become a space for industry-focused technical learning that complement nicely complement with academic learning.