Python is a coding language that is in demand, both from learner and employer perspective. It has a simple syntax and is easy to learn. It is easily readable and is good for prototype building.

1. Introduction to Py Language
2. Variables and data types
3. Control Statements (If, while, for, Operators )
4. File I/O
5. Lab (simple IO, good or bad, marks, data types)
1. What are Functions?
2. Uses of Functions.
3. Arguments Syntax 4. Default Arguments With 3 Examples
5. Return Statements
6. Docstring
7. Docstring
8. Function Examples
9. Modules and Packages
10. Modules Examples
1. Why Object Oriented Programming?
2. Classes and Objects.
3. Example - Your First Class and __init__ 4. Example - Methods
5. Example 5 - Inbuilt Objects That You've Been Using
6. Example - Inheritance
7. Adding New Features via Inheritance
1. Mongo DB Operations using PyMongo
2. Mongo DB Operations using mongoengine
3. Flask Routes and Query Params
4. Methods and Status Codes
5. Uploading and Downloading Files
6. MVC Intro and Server Side Templates with Jinja
7. Reusing Server Side Templates
8. MVC (Models) with Server Side Templates