Why Should a Recruiter Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You?

This is one of the questions that is most definitely asked in an HR interview. The answer influences your chances of selection as a candidate to a great extent. The HR gleans quite a lot about you from this answer, like what sets you apart from your competitors, your ability to market yourself, and expected value addition to the employer. Remember that in an HR interview, the interviewer is concerned about the company’s culture and values along with your technical skills. The interviewer will look for the potential in a candidate to be a team player and have transferable skills. They will judge your capacity to help develop the company and others in the company, well, eventually, maybe in the role of a mentor or such Make the job of the interviewer easier by convincing him/her that you are indeed who they are looking for. Prove by words that you will be the best fit for the company and a great addition to your team. Be ready with the list of reasons why they should choose you over the other equally well-qualified applicants. Irrespective of whether the interviewer specifically asks questions on your strengths and reasons, be sure to work them into the interview. How should you go about answering this question?   The answer is quite simple. The first thing is to be concise. You would have already discussed your strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Ensure that you are maintaining consistency in your answer. You would do well to remember that you should NEVER bluff in an interview. Always put your best foot forward What topics should you touch upon while answering your question?
  • Industry experience: Number of years you have worked in the industry, and your position within the organization.
  • Key accomplishments: A short summary is a must. Highlight your potential to shine.
  • Awards: Mention any awards, related to or relevant to the job you have applied for.
  • Technical skills: Tailor this portion to match the requirement of the company. For example, don’t talk about a programming language when you apply for a marketing job.
  • Soft skills: It all matters. Your gestures, your overall body language, communication and language skills, cognitive, teamwork and leadership skills are all a part of the soft skills repertoire.
  • Education/training: Give an overview of your training and education and how it makes a better choice for this job.
Structuring your answer.
  • What are the most important qualifications for this position from the company’s perspective?
Research the job posting on the company’s website. Do in-depth research on the company and the type of services they provide.
  • In which of these areas do you shine?
Make a list of all the mandatorily required skills for the job.
  • What are your most impressive accomplishments?
Don’t brag. Just highlight the best and leave it at that. Don’t give details unless requested by the interviewer.
  • What makes me different from the typical candidate?
There are some personality traits that cannot be taught but are a part and parcel of a person. These can also be counted as skills. Your general attitude, decisiveness, adaptability, affable personality, and reliability are some such qualities. Points to sell across to the interviewer: You have the right skill set to get the job done. You are ready to work hard. You take criticism and turn it into a positive result. You will also play nice with your team and other personnel. Your goals and ambitions work well with the company’s goals. You are the best fit for the position and for the company. Be confident as you pitch your answer to the HR. Enthusiasm is another factor which draws the interviewer towards you. Keep in mind that most of the candidates who reach the interview round are more or less qualified. In the current competitive job scenario, it is not enough just to be qualified; one should be ready to walk an extra mile. And also knowing how to get this point across will ensure that you cross from being a prospect to the other side.
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