Why Should You Choose Digital Marketing As Your Career
Digital marketing is one of the hottest jobs out there. And, you don’t even need a specialized degree for it, though certifications are always better. If you are a creative person, a consumer of social media, then you may be good at digital marketing. The number of people who are using the internet is on a constantly increasing trend. In effect, this has changed the behavior of people right from research to meetups to shopping. The consumer has become the king. They have everything want on the internet. And, what they don't have, they demand!  This era of instant gratification means that traditional rules of marketing are no longer effective on its own. There is now a requirement to compete and sell your products to your consumer on the internet as well as over in real life.  With an increase in consumer demand, there is an increase in digital marketers. This job has been trending and with changing social media scenes, it is here to stay. What is Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Marketing on the internet is called digital marketing. Two things that everyone knows about marketing is that we need the right set of targets and the right time. This now happens over the internet with digital marketing.  Thus, digital marketing is the marketing efforts conducted online with Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, emails, and blogs to reach out to their potential customers to market their product. A digital marketer may be a content marketer, who writes blogs to generate leads. Or they can be a Social media marketer who concentrates their efforts to create a social media campaign to popularise your product. Another role is that of the email marketer whose responsibility is to create an email campaign to convert leads to clients.  These efforts are assisted by organic and paid marketing techniques like SEO, PPC etc.  An analyst will help the marketer in generating content that targets the right audience at the correct place and time. Digital marketing is a broad term that consists of various direct and indirect marketing efforts that are conducted on the internet. They include but are not limited to Search Engine Optimization, Growth hacking, SEM including Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Digital advertising. These are all fields that work together and are mostly exclusive of each other. They intersect only in a few instances.  

Why choose digital marketing?

 In-demand job With a changing and evolving internet marketplace, the role of a digital marketer is becoming more popular. Most organizations now have a digital marketing team separate from the traditional marketing team. There are companies who concentrate exclusively on digital marketing. These developments have made this job profile a one in great demand. Good for new job seekers Though universities have started degree and diploma programs on digital marketing, the market still has jobs for those without any degree on the subject. You need to have a flair for marketing and enjoy the creative process of it. If you develop the required skill set, you will get a shot at this job with minimum importance to your qualification. In all, your education and certification do go a long way to decide how much you will be paid for your efforts. A person with higher and relevant qualification and certification on a digital marketing course will be paid better than one without certificates.   More and more internships with job offers based on your performance are also available. Learn digital marketing to explore your career with an online course in digital marketing.  Competitive salary  This again depends on the candidate themselves. Their experience and skill set counts. Additional skills like designing and SEO, SEM knowledge gives you an edge. But the salary of a digital marketer also depends on the type of company and the place of work. Some cities pay better for the same job compared to others.  Flexibility, outreach and branding. This is a job profile that offers a lot of flexibility on your work front regarding campaigns and resources as well. Your contents always have a probability of going viral, whether good or bad. So, you have to be careful as to how you are perceived on the internet. Other than that, you can easily choose the medium based on the target group, the average age of the consumer. With digital marketing, personalized targeting has also increased.   You are also not restricted to one type of content on one media like the traditional marketing approach. Multimedia websites are very common and a very effective medium to share your multimedia content( write-ups, audios, videos) on a single platform. This increases outreach and helps in easily creating a brand identity for your company.  Freelancing option It is not an absolute must that you should work for an employer. You can choose to freelance, by yourself or as a team. With a team, you stand better chances at full-fledged digital marketing which is outsourced by various companies. With more skills and experience, you will be able to make good money on various projects, some of them, even at the same time. You can choose to freelance as a digital marketer or stick to one discipline of it like SEO Analyst or Content Writing or Email Marketer.   Creativity - a free reign! You can choose to be creative in your content, audio and even videos. Apart from these, the market encourages out of the box thinking and quirky ideas. Almost anything is acceptable, as long as it is decent and creative.  All that is expected from a digital marketing campaign is the results. If your weird and quirky ideas can generate results, then go ahead and play around with the strategy. Nobody will stop you! Working with a cross-cultural team! You may have the opportunity to work with people around the world. Everyday work will bring you into contact with people with different skill sets and interests. This increases the challenge and at the same time improves your leadership abilities. As a side benefit, you will also have a lot of FUN.   
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