Contest random quote generator
Crampete Coding Contest #3 – Build a Random Quotes Generator

Participate in Crampete's weekly coding contest #3 and sharpen your JavaScript skills. Participants will receive a Crampete certificate.

This week's contest: Build a random quotes generator. You can find the quotes generator here

Deadline: 12 pm on Friday(24/April/2020)


  1. You can use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to develop a quote generator.
  2. Submit your entries by 12 pm on Friday(24/April/2020).
  3. One person can make only one submission.
  4. The winner will be evaluated on the basis of design replication, code quality, code readability and absence of bugs.
  5. You shall upload your submissions to a cloud drive (like Google Drive or Dropbox), make the folder public, and share the URL with us using the submit button below. We're unable to accept email submissions.
  6. The winner's name will be published here on the following Wednesday; we'll also directly intimate the winner by email.