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Data Science Course in chennai

The usage of data science is enormous right from banking to healthcare. In recent years it has become one of the omnipresent technologies in the world. The active usage of Data Science in various fields has come up with enormous job favorable circumstances in the market. Hence, it will be beneficial if you choose the Data Science Course in Chennai to move ahead in your career.

What You’ll Learn

Here's what is covered in this course. Every module is comprehensive and concentrates on a set of skils.


    Learn the basics of Jupyter along with its various components in an easy manner. Get complete knowledge about the well-known Python libraries present in the market- Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

    • 1.Environment Set-up
    • 2.Jupyter Overview
    • 3.Python Numpy
    • 4.Python Pandas
    • 5.Python Matplotlib

    In order to master the concepts of Data Science statistics is an essential part. This section will enable you to get in-depth knowledge of the various statistics elements required in this field. It is considered to be the most essential part of Data science training.

    • 1.Difference between a population and a sample
    • 2.Types of variables
    • 3.Measures of Central Tendency
    • 4.Measures of Variability
    • 5.Coefficient of variance
    • 6.Skewness and Kurtosis

    This section is considered very crucial as it enables the user to get knowledge over the various errors present in the sample of data provided. It also consists of central limit theorem along with the test hypothesis.

    • 1.Normal Distribution
    • 2.Central Limit theorem
    • 3.Confidence Interval
    • 4.Student's T distribution
    • 5.Test hypotheses
    • 6.Type I and Type II errors
    • 7.T-test

    The very module will let you the knowledge over statistical methods, which enables the user to make a relationship amidst the objects of interest. You will fetch the knowledge related to regression, ANOVA, and R square. Thus, making you acquire the major knowledge related to Data Science Course.

    • 1. Regression
    • 2. Anova
    • 3. Correlation and Causation
    • 4. R square
    • 5.Adjusted R square

    This section will enhance you to get the learning experience over the usage of visual methods in order to analyze the data sets for the summarization of main characteristics. You will get the insight knowledge of data analysis.

    • 1. Intro to Exploratory Data Analysis
    • 2. Derive insights of Data with python pandas
    • 3. Missing value analysis
    • 4. Outlier detection analysis
    • 5. The correlation matrix

    In the Supervised machine learning section, you will be getting knowledge related to the usage of visual methods in order to compile the main characteristics. In this part, the various regression types along with some examples will be provided for your understanding.

    • 1. Intro to Supervised Machine Learning
    • 2. Linear Regression with an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 3. Logistic Regression with an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 4. Naïve Bayes method and an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 5. Decision Tree classifier and an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 6. Random forest classifier and an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 7. Support vector machine (SVM) and an example using python sci-kit learn module
    • 8. Intro to Neural network

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The first thing is the education of the candidate. Usually, a data scientist has a Master's degree or PhD. So when you have to compete against higher degree holders, you should get certified as a data scientist. There are a lot of courses on data science in Chennai and it is easy to become a data scientist.The next thing is to brush up on your programming language. The most popular languages are Python and R. Other languages worth learning are Matlab, Scala, Julia, TensorFlow, etc., You also need to have a strong statistical base. Then learn to work with frameworks that help analyze the data with higher efficiency. To stand apart from other candidates, it will be great if you can work with structured as well as unstructured data. Additionally, learn about natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts.

Data scientist is a role where your skill and quality expectations will be sky high. And sometimes, even higher. So it doesn't matter how many things you know, but how much can you do with it. Some of the skills are common skills like communication skills, team player, critical thinking and management skills, analytical skills. Apart from this another skill that is important is your aptitude for data - to consume, sort, process, analyze. You should have the capability to live and breathe data to figure out the best solution for the problem and help the company make smarter decisions. This can be achieved by joining the Data Science course in Chennai. Some mandatory skills a data science professional should possess Programming language - Python/R or any. Framework knowledge - Hadoop, TensorFlow, SciKit learn, Kafka, Jupyter Notebook etc., You should also be familiar with SQL to handle input and output and management of relational databases where the data is stored. Additional skills Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

The salary of a data scientist depends upon the education level of the candidate. The salary is also influenced by experience, expertise in the subject matter, the certification of courses taken, and the location of employment. If you don't have higher education degree, the next best thing is to do a certification course in data science. To get a job in data science, do a data science course in Chennai with certification. On average, a data scientist is paid a salary of Rs. 7,00,000/- in Chennai.

Even though there are numerous programming languages available in the market Python has it’s own importance. There are multiple reasons for Python’s usage in the Data Science field. As Data Science itself is a complex profile, professionals would prefer simple programming languages like Python rather than confusing languages. There is an abundance of libraries provided by Python for carrying out the task with ease. Moreover, it’s accessibility is another added advantage that makes the Data Scientists pick Python from the lot. Learn Data Science Course in Chennai to have job security in the dynamic IT industry.

Chennai is a hub for IT and related jobs. It has a strong presence of various industries. More and more companies everywhere are moving towards decision making that is data driven. Chennai also has an equally strong market for the job of data scientists. With a huge demand for data scientists, it has become the most sought after job profile in the job market. So you can choose to become a data scientist by doing a course on data science in Chennai.

At Crampete, we offer a course on data science in Chennai. At the end of the course, you will be certified as a data scientist. It is designed such that even if you don't have expertise or any experience with coding, you will still be able to follow the course and successfully complete the course with programming knowledge. The course itself is taught in six modules, each module a milestone for the learning process. In the data science course, you learn Python and framework Jupyter. You learn to use various python based libraries. Statistics is an important aspect of data science and is a must for becoming a data scientist. So you learn some statistical concepts as well. Then you get details about inferential statistics. Inferential statistics is used to analyze and derive the solution based on the sample representing a large set of data. Methods to establish relationships between two or more objects is also covered during the course. Additionally, you learn about visual methods used to analyze the data. Summarize and present the data visually in an easy to understand way. The data science course also introduces you to some machine learning concepts and neural networks. You will work with the Sci-kit learn framework with python.

Like every other place with thriving companies, Chennai has a good data oriented roles present. Whether you are an account or seo analyst or whatever job you are doing, with this Data science course in Chennai you can make a career change into data science. We teach all skills that are required by data scientist job in general. Each company will have their own definition and requirement for data science. Additionally, every industry has dependency on data science and you can use your previous work experience for domain and business working know how.

You can get jobs as a data analyst, or a data engineer or a data scientist. More specialized roles are available and you need to upskill to apply for each role. Each of these jobs are in the field of data science in chennai and is dependent on your skill level which one you will get. Data analyst- well paid job, a data analyst sticks to using well defined KPIs and build reports based on the information available. Data engineer- Paid well, it is also a lucrative career. They build report views that other use for their work.They have expertise in schemas, construct data warehouse. This role is closer to DB admin than analyst. Data scientist- Most well paid of the lot, these guys the ones usually with the highest level and variety of skills. They usually get to work on various broad and high-level business problems and work on issues with no clear solutions.