Data Science Course in chennai

Get data science course in Chennai with us for learning skills that will get you exciting jobs in this field. Become a data scientist, engineer, or analyst with this course on data science with Chennai Crampete centre. Get certified in this hot skill to improve your chances of landing a job with the big companies.

This course, designed for both students with and without experience in Data Science Course in chennai, makes you a well-rounded professional.

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Course Syllabus

Modules are picked to give you a well-rounded ability in Data Science Course in chennai skills.


Get a basic overview of Jupyter Notebook and its components; and learn about the three most popular Python libraries: Numpy, Pandas and matplotlib.

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  • 1. Environment Set-up
  • 2. Jupyter Overview
  • 3. Python Numpy
  • 4. Python Pandas
  • 5. Python Matplotlib

Statistics is an essential skill required to master data science. This module will introduce you to the most important statistical concepts that are used in data science.

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  • 1. Difference between a population and a sample
  • 2. Types of variables
  • 3. Measures of Central Tendency
  • 4. Measures of Variability
  • 5. Coefficient of variance
  • 6. Skewness and Kurtosis

Inferential statistics is a main branch of statistics. It allows you to make informed decisions based on the analysis of a representative sample of large data sets.

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  • 1. Normal Distribution
  • 2. Central Limit theorem
  • 3. Confidence Interval
  • 4. Student's T distribution
  • 5. Test hypotheses
  • 6. Type I and Type II errors
  • 7. T-test

Learn about a powerful statistical method that allows you to establish a relationship between two or more objects of interest. Also learn about the analysis of variance (ANOVA), which helps you analyse the differences among sample sets.

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  • 1. Regression
  • 2. Anova
  • 3. Correlation and Causation
  • 4. R square
  • 5.Adjusted R square

Learn how to use visual methods to analyse data sets to summarize their main characteristics. See data beyond the formal modelling or hypothesis testing.

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  • 1. Intro to Exploratory Data Analysis
  • 2. Derive insights of Data with python pandas
  • 3. Missing value analysis
  • 4. Outlier detection analysis
  • 5. The correlation matrix

Learn how to use visual methods to analyse data sets to summarize their main characteristics. See data beyond the formal modelling or hypothesis testing.

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  • 1. Intro to Supervised Machine Learning
  • 2. Linear Regression with an example using python sci-kit learn module
  • 3. Logistic Regression with an example using python sci-kit learn module
  • 4. Naïve Bayes method and an example using python sci-kit learn module
  • 5. Decision Tree classifier and an example using python sci-kit learn module
  • 6. Random forest classifier and an example using python sci-kit learn module
  • 7. Support vector machine (SVM) and an example using python sci-kit learn module
  • 8. Intro to Neural network


Each project is designed to deepen and solidify your theoretical and conceptual understanding.

Basic Exercises

In front end development, you'll build a mobile responsive landing page for a product of your choice. As a full-stack development exercise, you'll learn to collect, store and display student records from the database into a webpage.

Simple Post It Notes

Create a single page web application where anyone can post and delete notes, without requiring to log in. This page shows all the pre-existing notes. This application works like Google Keep. You'll write and use backend API from the frontend.

Login System with a Profile

Build a login system with an editable user profile view. You'll utilize either JWT and middleware or Passport.js for the backend, and React with any UI framework of your choice for the frontend.

E-commerce Site

Develop an e-commerce website that allows anyone to create a new product (without requiring to log in). You'll develop features like search, filtering and sorting options (price, seller, etc.)

Todo App

Create a simple todo app. Offer features like user assignment, sorting by project and deadline, priority, task notes, sub-tasks, etc.

Delivery Methods

We offer three convenient training methodologies to suit your individual learning styles and preferences.

Online Live Class

Access your training from the comforts of your home, college or any other location you prefer. Learn with a motivated group of individuals.

Blended Class

Master theory and programming concepts with our recorded videos and come to the learning centre for the hands-on labs and project sessions.


Crampete Gurukul model is a full-time classroom-cum-internship program where you learn in a high-stakes development environment.

Batch Details

Flexible options that suit your learning temperament, to take where you want to be.

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December 12th, 2020
Evening Batch (Singapore, India and Malaysia)

Admission Deadline: December 10th, 2020

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January 2nd, 2021
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Admission Deadline: December 31st, 2020

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Akshat Sidharth

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data science course in chennai with job placement

Syllabus of our Data Science Course Training in Chennai

Learn Data Science Course in Chennai at Crampete. We are on the right track for any aspirant to become an expert in the field of Data Science. Designed by our faculty data scientists with immense experience in the industry, the course combines sound theory coupled with real-time projects in the subject.

Our 100 hour Data Science Course training in Chennai syllabus is designed in such a way that it makes college students, graduates and other professional degree holders from other colleges learn all aspects through a couple of mini-projects. This " Data Science Cramdegree" will make you a professional. The course has been carefully designed and taught by industry experts with ample experience in the field to cover beginner-level concepts to advanced concepts through hands-on training. We ensure individual’s attention and teach them with the latest equipment and software versions. We have been ranking as No 1 training institute in Chennai by leading Data Scientists from the industry.

  • Once you complete our Data Science Course training in Chennai, you should be able to (bulleted points below)
  • Become professionals with data management technologies.
  • Enhance knowledge and proficiency in machine learning algorithms
  • Expertise in data analytics.
  • Can learn artificial intelligence easily
  • Some of the major things you’ll learn from the syllabus are
  • Learn more about three most popular python libraries
  • Introduction to statistical concepts that are used in data science.
  • Analysis of a representative sample of large data sets with the help of inferential statistics.
  • Learn about the analysis of variance (ANOVA).
  • Learn formal modelling or hypothesis testing.
  • Expertise in Machine learning algorithms.

Everything’s Included in this Course

Data Science course certification is the professional qualification that shows the ability of the candidate to attain complete subject knowledge and learn all the basic tools and algorithms used in Data Science. This certification will make the student get the leading job posts in the MNC. The aspirants who are looking to kick start their career can take up this Data science course in Chennai at our institute which leads to a successful path to their career.

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Data Science Course with placement in Chennai

We are one of the renowned institutes which provides job-oriented Data Science courses in Chennai with placement guarantee. Almost all of our students get placed in leading MNC within 30 days of course completion. Our students could able to achieve this because of the following reasons provided by us

  • 17 hands-on lab sessions with downloadable code. (for practice)
  • 5 mini-projects to showcase in the portfolio
  • A comprehensive Capstone project to demonstrate a wide range of Data Science skills.
  • Very attractive and professional resume.
  • Mock interviews (including soft skills)
  • Job reference and interview scheduling.

we are also a MNC with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, etc. We have tie-ups with other MNCs and startups to cater your placements. So, if you are looking for a highly reputed, reliable, software development company that provides hands-on Data Science training with placement in Chennai, placements anywhere in India then you are in the right place. Fill up the form above to schedule a call back from us. Our hiring partners are HP, TATA, FORD, HEXAWARE and NTT with the highest pay.

Note: Also read about our Data Science course with placement in India( Data Science course with placement Bangalore, Data Science course with placement in Pune, Data Science course with placement in Hyderabad here).

Data Science course fee in Chennai

On coming to fee structure, irrespective of any training provider that you choose for your classroom training for Data Science, "Crampete's Data Science course fee is Rupees. 25,000 Rupees".(Twenty five Thousand Only) Here is the course fee split up of various Data Science training modules.

NO Module FEE
6 16 Hands-on lab + downloadable course Free
7 5 Mini Projects Free
8 One Capstone Project Free
9 Videos and training materials of our 5 stars rated self-paced Data Science course for One year Free
10 Data Science course Download Free
11 Mock Interview, Portfolio building, Placement assistance Free
12 Course Certification Free


You can either pay the Data Science course fees in a single payment and get a discount or you can avail 3 to 6 installments through our financing partner no cost EMI options. Besides, you can refer to your friends and get Rupees. 1000 cashback for each referral. Many renowned institutes in Chennai like IIT, NIIT are offering Data Science training in a flexible learning way with a high amount of fees. We would prefer to go for an affordable cost with a short duration of time in order to make students learn and gain better knowledge and get into jobs quickly.

Data Science Training in Chennai - Trainer Profile - Highlights

Crampete is rated as one of the best Data Science training institute in Chennai for the Syllabus, Course curriculum, Trainer quality & expertise, Hands-on training, mini-projects, Capstone Project,

All our trainers possess in depth practical understanding on the subject they teach. They are true blue experts in their field of study. They are certified professionals in their respective domains as well as working in Top MNC’s  So they have many live projects, trainers will use these projects during the sessions. Here is our Data Science classroom course trainer profile.

  • Over 17+ years of industry experience.
  • Full expertise in machine learning.
  • Possess excellent skills in all aspects.
  • Mentored over 500+ students.
  • Completed over 30+ projects.
  • On-site and pre-sales experience.
  • Passionate about training.
  • Trainers train the students with the recent algorithms and tools that are used in data science.
  • Trainers guide the students with necessary interview tips & supports in resume building
  • Tutors guide the students to enhance their technical skills in Data Science.

Register now for a Data Science demo class in Chennai and talk to our trainer for a career counseling session and clear all your doubts before enrolling for the course.

Data Science Training in Chennai - Batches, Duration, and Schedules

Inorder to give oppurtunities to  different categories of students like freshers, job seekers, experienced professionals, freelancers, etc, we provide different training batches and schedules. You can register in any one of the

Week Days Morning batch

Week Days Evening batch

Week Days regular batch

Week End batch

Online Instructor lead batch

Online Self paced batch.

Other than batches, the venue  and duration of the course will always be the same. "The Data Science course duration in Chennai is 100 hours".

[If you’re placed at Chennai or any in Tamilnadu and thinking to join a Data Science developer course near to your residence, then you should take a demo class from us. We are located in T-Nagar, the best training institute .We provide data science course certification with placement assistance with top firms. Besides, we also have a self-paced Data Science online course. So, if the mode of training is not a problem you can take a look at that course. This is rated as the best Data Science course in India.] 

Why learn data science course in Chennai?

Chennai is an industrial city with many companies having its offices and tech teams here. And, with the technological revolution, the competition has become cutthroat across all mediums. The data available has also grown manifold. And, now every company is making a shift to making smarter that are data-driven. With the increasing demand for skilled people who can make sense of the data, structure it, analyse it and get insights for the businesses are becoming more desirable. So, take a data science course in Chennai at Crampete and get ready for an exciting data science career.

Should I learn statistics to have a job in data science?

Yes. To be a data analyst/scientist or engineer needs some very important techniques of statistics. You need to be able to infer things from the given data set, establish relationship between two or more fields, analyse variance to find difference in sample sets, analyse representative sets of larger data sets to come up with pattern and insights. Get data science training in Chennai with Crampete and learn the statistical concepts that a job in this field will require.

General duties of data science roles?

Data mining using the latest techniques
Data collection
Data processing
Build models for predictive analysis
Data analysis
Presentation of results of analysis with data visualization technique

Salary of data scientist in Chennai?

The salary of a data scientist is quite high when compared to many other jobs in Chennai. The data scientist is paid around Rs. 7 lakhs per annum which is on par with the industry norms. Also the pay you get depends upon your education, certification, skills and experience. It also depends upon the industry you choose and the dependency on the data scientists for their operations.

Is coding necessary for data science jobs? What languages should I learn?

Definitely YES. Coding is a must have skill for every data scientist. You can pick and choose what languages to learn depending upon the type of your project. Here’s an article on why to choose R for your data science project. And know why Python is a language loved by data scientists. There are also other languages like Scala and Matlab and you can learn them additionally.

What will I learn with the data science course with Crampete?

You will get introduced to coding in Python. You will then learn the statistics- basic, ANOVA, inferential statistics. Also learn to extrapolate data with analysis tools, and you will also be introduced to supervised machine learning. You will be tested periodically on your skill which you can hone during the lab sessions. Then you showcase your learning with multiple projects. So come learn a course on data science in Chennai with us.

Benefit of studying data science course in Chennai with Crampete

You are continuously and periodically assessed on your performance and skill level.You will be guided in your efforts to complete multiple projects. The industry experts are also experienced teachers and will share their knowledge with you. You will work under your mentor to complete an end-of-course capstone project. You will also be given a certificate of completion for the data science course for crampete. Placement assistance will be provided for successful candidates.



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Come to our Crampete Learning Centre in Mount Road or T Nagar! we're placed in the middle and are quite accessible for most places in Chennai.We're worth the extra drive as we bring you the best courses at the best full stack developer course in Chennai!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The first thing is the education of the candidate. Usually, a data scientist has a Master's degree or PhD. So when you have to compete against higher degree holders, you should get certified as a data scientist. There are a lot of courses on data science in Chennai and it is easy to become a data scientist.The next thing is to brush up on your programming language. The most popular languages are Python and R. Other languages worth learning are Matlab, Scala, Julia, TensorFlow, etc., You also need to have a strong statistical base. Then learn to work with frameworks that help analyze the data with higher efficiency. To stand apart from other candidates, it will be great if you can work with structured as well as unstructured data. Additionally, learn about natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts.

Data scientist is a role where your skill and quality expectations will be sky high. And sometimes, even higher. So it doesn't matter how many things you know, but how much can you do with it. Some of the skills are common skills like communication skills, team player, critical thinking and management skills, analytical skills. Apart from this another skill that is important is your aptitude for data - to consume, sort, process, analyze. You should have the capability to live and breathe data to figure out the best solution for the problem and help the company make smarter decisions. This can be achieved by joining the Data Science course in Chennai. Some mandatory skills a data science professional should possess Programming language - Python/R or any. Framework knowledge - Hadoop, TensorFlow, SciKit learn, Kafka, Jupyter Notebook etc., You should also be familiar with SQL to handle input and output and management of relational databases where the data is stored. Additional skills... More

The salary of a data scientist depends upon the education level of the candidate. The salary is also influenced by experience, expertise in the subject matter, the certification of courses taken, and the location of employment. If you don't have higher education degree, the next best thing is to do a certification course in data science. To get a job in data science, do a data science course in Chennai with certification. On average, a data scientist is paid a salary of Rs. 7,00,000/- in Chennai.

Even though there are numerous programming languages available in the market Python has it's own importance. There are multiple reasons for Python's usage in the Data Science field. As Data Science itself is a complex profile, professionals would prefer simple programming languages like Python rather than confusing languages. There is an abundance of libraries provided by Python for carrying out the task with ease. Moreover, it's accessibility is another added advantage that makes the Data Scientists pick Python from the lot. Learn Data Science Course in Chennai to have job security in the dynamic IT industry.

Chennai is a hub for IT and related jobs. It has a strong presence of various industries. More and more companies everywhere are moving towards decision making that is data driven. Chennai also has an equally strong market for the job of data scientists. With a huge demand for data scientists, it has become the most sought after job profile in the job market. So you can choose to become a data scientist by doing a course on data science in Chennai.

At Crampete, we offer a course on data science in Chennai. At the end of the course, you will be certified as a data scientist. It is designed such that even if you don't have expertise or any experience with coding, you will still be able to follow the course and successfully complete the course with programming knowledge. The course itself is taught in six modules, each module a milestone for the learning process. In the data science course, you learn Python and framework Jupyter. You learn to use various python based libraries. Statistics is an important aspect of data science and is a must for becoming a data scientist. So you learn some statistical concepts as well. Then you get details about inferential statistics. Inferential statistics is used to analyze and derive the solution based on the sample representing a large set of data. Methods to establish relationships between two or more objects is also covered during the course. Additionally, you learn about visual methods... More

Like every other place with thriving companies, Chennai has a good data oriented roles present. Whether you are an account or seo analyst or whatever job you are doing, with this Data science course in Chennai you can make a career change into data science. We teach all skills that are required by data scientist job in general. Each company will have their own definition and requirement for data science. Additionally, every industry has dependency on data science and you can use your previous work experience for domain and business working know how.

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A course certificate helps you establish your expertise in a quick and reliable fashion.

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A course certificate helps you establish your expertise in a quick and reliable fashion.

Preview Certificate

A course certificate helps you establish your expertise in a quick and reliable fashion.