Companies that hire full stack web developers

What is MERN stack?

MERN stack comprises popular full stack web development framework and tools.

M-MongoDB is the Nosql database that is highly flexible and scalable. It is well known for its high performance.

E-ExpressJs- this is a library for nodejs and makes the development easy on the back-end developer.

R-Reactjs- The most popular front-end development framework of all time, react is simply superb for building RPAs, and interactive UIs for your web app.

N-Nodejs- the robust and strong back-end development framework based on JS. It offers strong performance and is a great tool of choice.

Salary of a MERN stack developer in Chennai ?

The salary of the MERN stack developer in Chennai is around Rs.5,00,000/- per annum.This is on par with the MEAN stack and other full stack developers. You can negotiate for a better salary with your education, certification and experience.

Why choose a full stack development career path?

Full stack developers are unicorns of web development. They are like the know-it-alls of web development. They have a long list of enviable skills and they know how to use them. They have a variety of skills and knowledge compared to other developers. The (full stack) MERN stack developers in chennai get paid very handsomely. Learn more on why to choose full stack developer as your career path. Full stack development (MERN stack) is a good choice of career for new coders, and freshers.

What will you learn in this MERN stack developer course in Chennai with Crampete?

This MERN stack developer training in chennai is all about getting you ready for your job at the next level. You will revisit the basics of web development with HTML and CSS. Then you will learn in-depth about javascript which is the foundation for this full stack technology. Then you will learn front-end frameworks-mainy React, then back-end technology in Node and Express, and MongoDB for the database layer. You will also get to practice your skills and complete projects while you are enrolled in this course.

What types of job roles are you taking up with that MERN stack developer certification?

As a skilled MERN stack developer, you can take up quite a few roles in the are of web development across various industries. The roles include, but is not limited to:

Front-end developer

Full stack developer/Full stack developer with React specialization

MEAN stack developer/ MEAN stack developer with React

Javascript full stack developer

Web developer with react

UI developer

Demand for MERN stack developer in Chennai?

There is enough demand for MERN stack developer in Chennai. Many companies like their developers to have React knowledge for their front end. Since it is a widely used and it is a popular framework,it is a preferred framework for many web development projects. This also means that there is demand for MERN stack developer training in Chennai.

To get a job as a full stack developer, is MERN stack enough?

MERN stack is a full stack and it is enough to get a job as a full stack web developer. Then again, a full stack developer needs to work mainly on one layer and have working knowledge of others. You can choose to specialize in React for front-end, Mongodb for database and Nodejs for back-en development. Other than as full stack developers, you may also get a job depending upon your speciality like nodejs developer. So get yourself to our institute near you and join the course on MERN stack development in Chennai.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

MERN stack comprises premium web app development technologies. It is ideal for web app development and can also easily switch to mobile app development. It has MongoDB, Express, Node and ReactJS. You can take the course on MERN stack development in Chennai and learn these full stack development skills. These skills will help you get better job opportunities, and better pay.

There are many many reasons to learn javascript. One main reason is that javascript is everywhere in the web development field. It is considered as the building block of web development. It is easy to learn as well for those who are new to this field. It has unlimited scope in this field of work, and the developers are always in demand. These are good enough reasons why one should learn Javascript and its framework.

You can take the course on MERN stack developer in Chennai at its finest institute for full stack development. With this certification, you will have proof of your skill statement in your resume. This is not about your skill level but a reassurance about your familiarity with the mentioned skill. That is the reason why many hiring managers will prefer a candidate with a certification over the ones without any. Certification is not a must for getting a job, but it definitely helps you stand apart from your competition and also it will add value to your resume.

It is easy to learn. They are all based on similar languages. The frameworks React, Nodejs, and expressjs are all based on one language, that is, javascript. The command syntax for using Mongo is also similar enough to JS that it takes less time to learn it as well. The popularity of these techs are great and they are a regular fixture in many projects. Seeing that there is also continuous demand for javascript full stack developers, there are a lot of job opportunities in this field.

The MERN stack developer course in Chennai is an ideal fit for students who are pursuing their studies in final year of graduation or are recent graduates. There is a lot of demand in Chennai and Crampete offes placement assistance to successful graduates of their programs. This course on MERN stack development is also good for professionals who are considering a job change. It is also a great way to revise and upskill for those who want to learn and specialize in React.

Working server-side with Node and express. Build responsive interactive and awesome user interfaces with React. Database manipulation with Mongo NoSQL database is also a great skill to learn. You will get experience with labs. Work on your capstone project under the guidance of your mentor and be graded by experts. You can avail FREE placement assistance under certain terms of completion of the course.You learn some of the in-demand skills in this MERN stack developer course in Chennai with us. Finally, you get a certificate of completion of the course.


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