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Why should you learn MongoDB?

MongoDB is just about the most popular NoSQL database out there. It is flexible and scalable. It is also a high-performance database. It streamlines and manages data better than other databases. It is an open source database written in C++. It is very simple, yet dynamic and easy to use. It is a distributed database that is meant for general purposes.

What is the demand for MongoDB in Chennai?

MongoDb used by the world's top companies including Facebook and Google. Its comfortable horizontal scaling and high availability makes it a very desirable commodity. It works on pay as you go principle, and that makes it a cost-effective affair. These factors make it extremely appealing to businesses and we can leverage the market demand by learning to use MongoDb. Companies in Chennai are from various industries and many of them deal them messy and unstructured data. MongoDB gives an ideal solution for these many industries and their companies. This means that there is a lot of demand for MongoDB as a core skill in Chennai.

Which full stack technology uses MongoDB as a part of it?

There are many stacks and technologies that use MongoDB for storing their data. Many technologies have plug-ins that will help use Mongo with their full stack framework. But its most popularly known for being a principal part of the MEAN stack and its variants MERN and MEVN. These are some of the widely used stack technologies and MOngoDB is an integral part of it. So much so, the M in the MEAN/MERN and MEVN stands for MongoDB. You can also interface mong with Flask and docker, you can use it with python by interfacing using PyMongo.

What Crampete teaches you in the MongoDB certification course?

In different modules you learn different skills.

Module 1 covers NOSQL and introduction to Mongo.

Module 2 is about data types and using them.

Module 3 teaches about documents, collections and using mongo for your project.

Module 4 is about using the mongo database, storing data, retrieving the data, reading and updating them.

Module 5 discusses the services provided by Mongo like data distribution and syncing options.

Module 6 is about using mongo with PHP. learn to work with PHP in Mongo for back-end development.

Module 7 teaches about using Mongo with a JS based server-side framework, Nodejs. It is a popular option and is very useful to further learn MEAN stack and its variants.

What are the types of databases available?

There are many types of databases available. These can be broadly classified into three types of databases.The first is the traditional and conventional database model. These databases use SQL, and are known as Relational Databases The second type covers databases that are non-relational, like key-value store, graphical, document based and more. These are known as NoSQL databases The third classification is somewhat of a hybrid nature. It is similar to the relational databases but use memory than disk for storage. These are known as newSQL.

Why is NoSQL database preferred over the other types of databases?

Initially, there was finite audience and relational databases were used. With growing technology and changing scenario, there is an explosion of data (structured and unstructured) and there came a point when relational databases were no longer enough. This was the beginning of growth for the NoSQL databases, a grouping of all the other databases that were not relational in nature. They address the challenges posed to RDBMs in a satisfactory manner. they are more suitable handle different types of data, handle agile technologies and has a more distributed and fault tolerant architecture. It is very easy for scaling as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

MongDB is a NoSQL database that is easy to use and learn. It gives give performance and it scalable. It is one of the most popular Nosql databases and is a part of many full stack technologies.

MongoDb is a document based distributed database. It stores data in documents that similar to JSON documents. It allows schema to be more flexible.

Mongo is very useful in many areas of business and this makes it a product that is always in demand. As such, it is a great skill to learn and having this skill will in turn make the full stack developer more appealing to the recruiter. It will make the recruiter give preference to you in cases where there is more dependency on Mongo like Social infrastructure, maintenance of hubs, mobile infrastructure etc., So it is an important core skill for full stack developers. So take up the MongoDb course in Chennai.

PHP is a very robust option for back-end development and is quite a popular choice for the same. There are many back-end frameworks based on PHP that are being widely used. Mongo is another popular full stack technology that deals with databases. The link between back-end and databases being very obvious, it makes good sense to learn to use MongoDb with PHP using the driver. Here’s a list of some popular server-side scripting languages. These languages can also be interfaced with MongoDB.

Create, Read, Update and Delete are known as CRUD operation. In MongoDB, they refer to inserting a document into a collection, reading a document by selecting and retrieving it, updating a document with new arguments, and removing an entry from a collection.

Yes. Once you successfully complete a course, you will be given a certification. It is proof that you have learnt this skill. This will add weight to your resume and it will back your statement written in skills section. During this course, you will have done some projects as well and you can showcase them for your skill and experience. This certification that you get from completing MongoDB in Chennai Crampete will add value to your resume and your linkedin profile.

You learn NoSQL databases, get introduced to Mongo, its data types, learn to work with documents and collections. You are familiarized with the other services they offer. You learn to interface and use Mongo with back-end technologies with PHP and Nodejs. You will practice applying your skill in lab sessions and get exposure to the product by doing projects. Once you get done with the certification, you will also get placement training (in case you have completed the course satisfying certain conditions laid down concerning placement training.) to help you with job search.


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