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Study Web designer course in Chennai’s best web design institute. No prior coding knowledge is required to make a successful career as a web designer with our certification. Web designer training is very popular as companies look to hire web designers to give structure and layout to their web apps and get some creative eye for the UI/UX development. Learn web designing in  a fun and interactive way with us.

This course, designed for both students with and without experience in Web design Training in chennai, makes you a well-rounded professional.

Course Syllabus

Modules are picked to give you a well-rounded ability in Web design Training in chennai skills.

Module 1: HTML

HTML and CSS are the building blocks of any web application. A strong foundation on HTML and CSS is very important to become a successful full stack web developer.

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  • 1. Introduction to HTML
  • 2. Browsers and HTML
  • 3. Editors Offline and Online
  • 4. Tags Attribute and Elements
  • 5. Doctype element
  • 7. Heading
  • 8. Paragraphs
  • 9. Formatting Text
  • 10. Lists
  • 11. Links
  • 12. Images
  • 13. Tables
Module 2: CSS

CSS are the building blocks of any web application. A strong foundation on CSS is very important to become a successful full stack web developer.

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  • 1. Introduction CSS
  • 2. Applying CSS to HTML
  • 3. Selectors properties and values
  • 4. CSS Colors
  • 5. CSS Backgrounds
  • 6. CSS Box Model
  • 7. CSS Margins Padding Borders
  • 8. CSS Text and Font Properties
  • 9. CSS General Topics

Javascript is the most popular language in both front-end and backe-end (Node.js), thus you can become a full-stack web developer just by learning JavaScript.

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  • 1. Introduction to JavaScript
  • 2. Applying JavaScript (internal and external)
  • 3. Understanding JS Syntax
  • 4. Introduction to Document and Window Object
  • 5. Variables
  • 6. Operators
  • 7. Data Types
  • 8. Num Type Conversions
  • 9. Math
  • 10. String Manipulation
  • 11. Objects
  • 12. Arrays
  • 13. Date and Time
  • 14. Conditional Statements
  • 15. Switch Case
  • 16. Looping in JS
  • 17. Functions
Module 4: REACT JS

In this module, you will gain the knowledge to create interactive UI with ReactJs. Work with various react components. Learn the life cycle of the components, error handling, and rendering. Work with Redux and Redux saga.

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Templating using JSX
  • 3. Components
  • 4. State and Props
  • 5. Lifecycle of Components
  • 6. Rendering List
  • 7. Portals
  • 8. Error Handling
  • 9. Routers
  • 10. Redux
  • 11. Immutable.js
  • 12. Redux Saga
  • 13. Service side rendering
  • 14. Unit testing
  • 15. Webpack
Module 5: MONGO DB

In this module, you will learn how to create a database, table, index and manipulating data stored in a table. You'll also build the skills needed to design a database schema.

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  • 1. SQL and NoSql concepts
  • 2. Create and manage MongoDB
  • 3. Migration of data into MongoDB
Module 7: NODE JS

In this module, you will learn about node.js and how to use it for server-side scripting. we will help you to learn the DevOps methods that will help you to automate the software development lifecycle.

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  • 1. Node js overview
  • 2. Node js - basics and setup
  • 3. Node js console
  • 4. Node js command utilities
  • 5. Node js modules
  • 6. Node js concepts
  • 7. Node js events
  • 8. Node js with express js
  • 9. Node js database access


Each project is designed to deepen and solidify your theoretical and conceptual understanding.

Basic Exercises

In front end development, you'll build a mobile responsive landing page for a product of your choice. As a full-stack development exercise, you'll learn to collect, store and display student records from the database into a webpage.

Simple Post It Notes

Create a single page web application where anyone can post and delete notes, without requiring to log in. This page shows all the pre-existing notes. This application works like Google Keep. You'll write and use backend API from the frontend.

Login System with a Profile

Build a login system with an editable user profile view. You'll utilize either JWT and middleware or Passport.js for the backend, and React with any UI framework of your choice for the frontend.

E-commerce Site

Develop an e-commerce website that allows anyone to create a new product (without requiring to log in). You'll develop features like search, filtering and sorting options (price, seller, etc.)

Todo App

Create a simple todo app. Offer features like user assignment, sorting by project and deadline, priority, task notes, sub-tasks, etc.

Delivery Methods

We offer three convenient training methodologies to suit your individual learning styles and preferences.

Online Live Class

Access your training from the comforts of your home, college or any other location you prefer. Learn with a motivated group of individuals.

Blended Class

Master theory and programming concepts with our recorded videos and come to the learning centre for the hands-on labs and project sessions.


Crampete Gurukul model is a full-time classroom-cum-internship program where you learn in a high-stakes development environment.

Batch Details

Flexible options that suit your learning temperament, to take where you want to be.

Online Live

June 27th, 2020
Evening Batch (Singapore, India and Malaysia)

Admission Deadline: June 25th,2020

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Online Live

July 4th, 2020
Evening Batch (Singapore, India and Malaysia)

Admission Deadline: July 2nd,2020

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Online Live

June 11th, 2020
Weekend Batch (Singapore, India and Malaysia)

Admission Deadline: July 9th,2020

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A community in the making!

Here's what our students have to say about being a part of the Crampete family and learning skills that empower them! A community in the making- sharing skills, experience and knowledge!

"Crampete has a great way of teaching – it's highly practical-oriented rather than a theoretical class. You've to sit and work out the problems each and every day. There are daily assignments and weekly homework. I personally recommend Crampete as a good way to start your career in data science."

Rohan Samuel Jayaseelan

“I’ve taken up Crampete full stack developer course coming from zero coding and programming knowledge myself. It’s an intuitive ecosystem which makes total newbies easy to pick up and learn. Crampete also provides live discussing sessions for the learners to have live interactions with the lecturers which is an absolute plus point.”


“Full Stack Self Paced Course from Crampete is good for me even though I had zero background in programming. Now, I am able to build a website by myself and all that skills are from learning the course offered by Crampete. The best feature in this course is that Crampete offers mentoring sessions, so whenever I have problems, the mentors are ready to guide me in solving the problems.”


“Crampete's Full Stack Web Development is the program you need to take to become a great programmer. It teaches a lot of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, DynamoDB, React JS, AJAX, and so on. I first learned front-end development, then back-end development, and then backend development. Tri Thanh Alan joined Konexaa as a Software Developer.”


“I was having nil knowledge about programming before joining Crampete. The experienced trainers are friendly and approachable. They taught personally and individually – until we got the concepts clearly. The only thing that stood apart in my resume is the Crampete classes. I got placed in Hexaware and NTT Data!”


“I learned Python, statistics, machine learning which is a valuable skillset for data scientists. Before joining Crampete I had zero knowledge in all the above. Crampete's well-trained staff got me up to speed through rigorous practice exercises. I highly recommend Crampete for learning Data Science.”


“I think it is a good course because it covers everything that I need to know from front end to back end development. Plus, it was very helpful due to flexibility of time they have and a supportive mentor to guide along the way.The course definitely gives me a good overview of what full stack web developers do and provides the essentials that I need to land a job.”


“The Full Stack Self Paced Course offered by Crampete is really comprehensive in a sense that it is really good for beginners and it builds up skills especially with the hands on lab sessions.”


“Crampete provided me a platform and gateway into programming which enabled me to learn in more intuitive ways even though I was from a different major in engineering. I learned MERN stack web development in-classroom training. The trainers and the support staffs are knowledgeable and friendly. I could able to show the portfolio of projects which I built during my training to my prospective employers. I could able to secure a job with D4t4 Solutions PLC as a Software Developer. I would recommend Crampete courses to anyone who has an interest in Computer programming or would like to start a career in Information Technology.”

Arun Kumar R

“A normal person wants the best but only some find the best so did i. I was in search of the best destination to learn and experience digital marketing. So in search of the best i ended up with the best and the name of the institution is "Crampete" ”


“Hi I'm currently learning web full-stack in crampete. It has provided me with a platform to learn and equip coding skills immensely. It helped me to enhance via assignments and interactions via classes. The class is very comfortable especially for working folks who want to update their technical skills to attend classes on weekends and the faculty members are flexible and clarify doubts instantly.”


Companies that hire full stack web developers



What is web design?

Web design is the umbrella term for different workings in the production and maintenance of websites and web apps. Web design, user interface design, standardizing code, user experience design, seo and graphic design are some of the processes that are included in web design. 

Salary of a web designer in Chennai ?

The salary of a web designer in Chennai is Rs. 3,50,000/- per annum on an average. It is a good salary for a fresher to start with. With experience, education and certification, you can negotiate for a better salary.

Why choose a career as web designer in Chennai?

It is a superb opportunity to make your mark and display your creativity. And, web designers in Chennai are in great demand. There are many industries with a strong presence in Chennai. All of them do require web designers. There can be no future for a company if they ignore the internet. So there is no doubt about the job requirement-wise. The web designers get to work with really cool stuff like photoshop, illustrator and many more. The web designers are also well paid and are an indispensable part of many teams including the marketing team. 

What will you learn in this course?

You will learn the web design basics with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. You will learn to work with front-end development framework and also learn jQuery. You get to do multiple projects during this course which will give you enough experience.


Is Web designer training in Chennai with Crampete enough to get a job?


Yes. Taking Crampete’s course on web design is the one thing that will set you apart from other candidates. This certification is a testament to the skill that you will mention in your resume. This course will also give you valuable additional skill of learning coding. This will enhance your chances of landing a good job. You get to work out and learn practically which will also help you in having working knowledge of being a web designer.



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Come to our Crampete Learning Centre in Mount Road or T Nagar! we're placed in the middle and are quite accessible for most places in Chennai.We're worth the extra drive as we bring you the best courses at the best full stack developer course in Chennai!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

A web design course teaches you how to design a website from scratch. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the foundational skills taught in a web design course.

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A course certificate helps you establish your expertise in a quick and reliable fashion.

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A course certificate helps you establish your expertise in a quick and reliable fashion.

Preview Certificate

A course certificate helps you establish your expertise in a quick and reliable fashion.