Companies that hire full stack web developers

What is web design?

Web design is the umbrella term for different workings in the production and maintenance of websites and web apps. Web design, user interface design, standardizing code, user experience design, seo and graphic design are some of the processes that are included in web design.

Salary of a web designer in Chennai?

The salary of a web designer in Chennai is Rs. 3,50,000/- per annum on an average. It is a good salary for a fresher to start with. With experience, education and certification, you can negotiate for a better salary.

Why choose a career as web designer in Chennai?

It is a superb opportunity to make your mark and display your creativity. And, web designers in Chennai are in great demand. There are many industries with a strong presence in Chennai. All of them do require web designers. There can be no future for a company if they ignore the internet. So there is no doubt about the job requirement-wise. The web designers get to work with really cool stuff like photoshop, illustrator and many more. The web designers are also well paid and are an indispensable part of many teams including the marketing team.

What will you learn in this course?

You will learn the web design basics with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. You will learn to work with front-end development framework and also learn jQuery. You get to do multiple projects during this course which will give you enough experience.

Is Web designer training in Chennai with Crampete enough to get a job?

Yes. Taking Crampete’s course on web design is the one thing that will set you apart from other candidates. This certification is a testament to the skill that you will mention in your resume. This course will also give you valuable additional skill of learning coding. This will enhance your chances of landing a good job. You get to work out and learn practically which will also help you in having working knowledge of being a web designer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This is a good career path if you want a less coding oriented job with room for creativity. The web designer does not need to know coding very extensively, and they use other design tools for finishing their work. Many of these tools often provide separate panels that generate coding based on the work done. It is also good for people who are able to think of the website as a marketing opportunity to promote their business. This is why there is a very huge demand for web designers from various industries. So if you learn coding as well, your demand in the industry is more.

The skills you need to be a web designer in Chennai are many and varied, but the most important core skills are listed below.

  • Marketing design
  • Communication design
  • User Interaction design
  • User experience design
  • Page layout
  • Motion graphics
  • Creativity
  • Coding skills with HTMl, CSS and JS
  • Design tools like Adobe suite of products- photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
  • Web server management

Javascript is the programming language that is used in 90%+ on all web development aspects.With custom client side scripts in javascript, it is easy to get the web design to be interactive and dynamic. It is by mixing HTML and CSS to JS that we get a beautiful web app/web page that runs across different platforms and devices. So yes, Javascript is a must learn for every web designer. The advantages of javascript are many but primarily it is easy to learn. You can later additionally branch out on writing server codes as well with javascript. Overall, it simplifies the process of complex web development.

Bootstrap is a popular and powerful front-end development framework. It makes web design and development faster and easier. It saves a lot of time and effort. It has special design templates for HTML and CSS. This helps in designing common interface items like navigation, dropdowns, forms and more. It is ideal for creating flexible and responsive layouts far easier than its competitors.

Web design is a marketable skill. They also make good salaries. They get to code as well but also have room to utilise their creativity. Again, if you are a graphic designer, you can get away with minimal coding. Web designer training in Chennai is in demand because there is a lot of demand in Chennai and other major cities for skilled web designers.

Yes. Certification is a good value addition to your resume and it will help you in getting a job. The certification is proof that you have the skills that you have listed in the resume. This is vital and will help you stand apart from other candidates. Additionally, it enhances your job search and opportunities on professional networking sites and job boards on the internet.

This course is intensive and specifically structured for being job ready at the end of the course. You get to practice and apply for what you learn. You get to do 5+ projects during your 2 months course. You can get started on building your portfolio and your final project is one that can definitely be showcased in it. You will be assigned a mentor to guide you through the projects. You get a certificate of completion and a chance to get placement assistance.


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