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All our programs are designed based on the industry requirements by out expert mentors.

Crampete Cram Course
4 months
Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers excellent career growth opportunities and is a field of investing in as an IT professional.

Crampete Cram Course
4 months
Full Stack Web Development

Full-stack web developers are in great demand globally as they can work with any part of web applications: the front-end, the back-end and the database

Crampete Cram Course
4 months
Data Science

Data scientists have a huge demand in the market as they gather data, analyze it and predict the customer’s choice to turn the business into a huge success

Crampete Cram Course
2.5 months
Front End Developer

Implements web application designs using HTML, CSS, Javascript and responsive framework like bootstrap and uses JS libraries like reactjs, angular.

Crampete Cram Course
2 months
Back End Developer

Backend developers are responsible for server side scripting, databases, front end integration and the architecture of websites.

Crampete Cram Course
3.5 months
Digital Marketing

Anyone with an analytical mind, a hunger to learn and a dash of creativity can become a great digital marketer. If that’s you, this course is for you!

Maximum learning in minimum time

Well-trained mentors

Our mentors are handpicked for effective teaching, student service and expertise. Whatever level of proficiency you have with this skill, they will help you build upon that - really fast.

Project-based Learning Supported

Get intimate and proficient with fundamentals, programming languages, frameworks and methods through hands-on labs, mini projects and a capstone project.

Career Assistance

We’ll pair you with a career counsellor to build your resume, give you interview coaching and get you calls for interviews from well-known organizations around you.

Placement Process for Cramdegree Students


Portfolio building

Using the five mini-projects and the capstone project that you complete in this course, we help you put together an excellent project portfolio that will help greatly in your job search.


Resume building

In order to apply for jobs, you need an attractive resume that rounds out all your skills in one place. We help you here as well.


Mock interviews

Before attending interview calls, we equip with the soft skills and job skills through mock interviews.


Interview calls

After you acquire all the necessary skills to be a great full stack web developer, we refer you to exciting jobs near you

Crampete's Full Stack Web Development is the program you need to take to become a great programmer. It teaches a lot of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, DynamoDB, React JS, AJAX, and so on. I first learned front-end development, then back-end development, and then backend development. Tri Thanh Alan joined Konexaa as a Software Developer.

Tri Thanh Alan

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