Full Stack Developer Course Fee in Chennai

Full Stack Developer Course Fee in Chennai

"Crampete's Full Stack Developer Course fee in Chennai is Rupees Sixty Thousand Only (Rs.60,000)".  Having mentioned the training fees, in this article, we are going to provide you a detailed split up of the fee structure for our full stack developer course in Chennai. Here, you will have complete information about each full stack module details, module wise course fees split-up and benefits of learning this module.

This entire write-up is dedicated to the skills you will learn and the amount you will pay for this as full stack developer course fee in Chennai. Without further adieu we will now reveal important points about full stack developer training course cost fee details.

  • Actual full stack developer training fees in Chennai
  • EMI payment options
  • Scholarship options
  • Course duration
  • Transparent module wise full stack course fee split-up

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Full Stack Developer Training Fee in Chennai

"The total Full Stack Developer Training Fee in Chennai is Rs. 60,000/-". You have multiple payment options and easy pay support with UPI and also no cost EMI options. If you are thinking about the cost of the full stack developer course, here’s a split up that shows you why our full stack developer course in Chennai is very affordable over other courses.

ou can pay for the full stack developer course in Chennai with the following payment modes with Banking: credit card,debit card,net banking, UPI The tuition fee for this course is kept affordable and this certificate will get you a job just like an education with a diploma or MBA. All you need to know is to work with a computer to attend the classes.  The course is structured so that it is easy to learn and list all important skills you need to get a job. That is a reason why taking this course is more beneficial than taking admission in other institutes.

EMI payment Scheme for our full stack developer course fees in Chennai

You can make the payment for the full stack developer course fee in Chennai in full or consider paying installment through the EMI program. We have different EMI options with payment from 3 to 4 installments.

Are there full scholarship programs so that the Full Stack developer course fee in Chennai is free?

No. Currently, there are no full scholarship schemes where you can get the full stack developer course fee in Chennai as free of cost. But, there is a cashback scheme wherein you will receive Rs.1000/- cashback for every referral. This cashback scheme is applicable only on the full stack developer course fee in Chennai

What is the overall full stack developer course duration?

The full stack developer course duration is 4 months as this is an intensive course. After the completion of the course, we will train you for job placements.  Related Question: What is the fee to learn a full stack web developer course?  We assure you guaranteed job placement after completing the full stack developer course in Chennai with Crampete. Full Stack developer Cost in chennai

Module wise split up for Full Stack Developer Course Fee in Chennai

Module 1: HTML Module fee: Rs. 5000/-

Duration of the module:

Week 1 to 3 Scope of HTML: HTML is everywhere on the internet. So of course it has a wide scope, but only in connection with other languages. HTML is the primary language of the web and it is a skill that never goes out of demand. It is a must have skill and you can’t have a career in web development without it.

Benefits of learning HTML: It is very easy to learn. It is the foundation of the web and is used very extensively to create web pages. You can easily pick up other languages in context if you have HTML knowledge. HTML gives you the ability to put your ideas on web page in practice.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Browsers and HTML
  • Editor's Offline and Online
  • Tags, Attribute and Elements
  • Doc type element
  • Comments
  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Formatting text
  • Lists
  • Links
  • Images
  • Table

Module 2: CSS Module fee: Rs.5000/-   

Duration of the module: Week 1 to 3

Scope of CSS: With css along with html, you can have a career in designing. The scope for css as a standalone skill is skill but is a must have basic skill for web developers, web designers, full stack developers, front-end developers and more.

Benefits of learning CSS: Programming for websites and web apps is incomplete without css. It enhances HTML. CSS gives you more options and more control over the front-end development aspects.

Topics covered in this module: 

  • Introduction CSS
  • Applying CSS to HTML
  • Selectors, properties and values
  • CSS Colors
  • CSS Backgrounds
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Margins,Padding,Borders
  • CSS Text and Font Properties
  • CSS General Topics

 Module 3: Javascript Module fee: Rs.12000/-

Duration of the module: Week 1 to 3

Scope of Javascript: Javascript is everywhere and is one of the top in-demand and growing skills. MEAN stack developers also known as js full stack developers are the ones in most demand. 

Benefits of learning Javascript: Javascript is the one language that can be used for front-end as well as back-end scripting effectively. It is very easy to learn. It is a robust language and helps you grow as a coder. It helps you code easily and offers more functionality with less code. It is ideal for building responsive and interactive web apps.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Applying JavaScript (internal, external)
  • Understanding JS Syntax
  • Introduction to Document and Window Object
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Data Types
  • Num Type Conversion
  • Math
  • String Manipulation
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Date and Time
  • Conditional Statements
  • Switch Case
  • Looping in JS
  • Functions

 Module 4: ReactJs Module fee: Rs. 14000/-

Duration of the module: Week 6 to 8

Scope of ReactJS: There is a lot of demand for reactjs as a skill. The demand is more than the supply, and so reactjs is considered hot skill. It is a preferred core skill for front-end developers and also MERN stack developer.  

Benefits of learning ReactJS: It is a good job oriented skill. It is easy to learn and very popular. It makes coding very easy. It is good for progressive apps and SPAs. You can also easily expand into mobile with React. It is also super flexible and can be used with any other framework.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Introduction
  • Templating using JSX
  • Components
  • State and Props
  • Lifecycle of Components
  • Rendering List
  • Portals
  • Error Handling
  • Routers
  • Redux
  • Immutable.js
  • Redux Saga
  • Service side rendering
  • Unit testing
  • Webpack

Module 5: Databases with MongoDB    

Module fee: Rs.12000/-  

Duration of the module: week 10 to 13 

Scope of MongoDB: Mongodb has a wide user base and is a very in demand skill for a full stack developer. It is used from content management to data hubs. Most industries find the document driven nosql database solution to be best for their needs.

Benefits of learning MongoDB: it's schemaless and has high availability. It is nosql and is useful for handling large quantities of data, which is a common requirement. It is easy to learn and is very much in demand. You get good jobs for mongo as a core skill.

Topics covered in this module:

  • SQL and NoSql concepts
  • Create and manage MongoDB
  • Migration of data into MongoDB
  • MongoDB with PHP
  • MongoDB with NodeJS
  • Services offered by MongoDB

Full Stack Developer Course fee in chennai

Module 6: Back-end programming with NodeJS

Module fee: Rs.12000/- 

Duration of the module: week 10 to 13

Scope of NodeJs: Scope is unlimited. Most popular back-end programming language. Important part of the MEAN stack and variants. Node is very accessible since it is based on javascript. Easy to learn and is very much in demand. It is an in demand skill for back-end developers, full stack developers and MEAN stack/MERn stack developers. 

Benefits of learning NodeJS: NodeJs is Javascript. With this, you only need to learn one language, and you can easily become a full stack developer. All I/O intensive ops are synchronous and it ensures very fast executions. You have  a lot of third party modules that increase its capabilities and it makes server-side executions faster, easier and more reliable. This will make you a good back-end programmer and have your skill in demand. 

Topics covered in this module: NodeJS

  • Node js overview
  • Node js - basics and setup
  • Node js console
  • Node js command utilities
  • Node js modules
  • Node js concepts
  • Node js events
  • Node js with express js
  • Node js database access

Also taught as a freebie: Python Programming

  • Python installation & configuration
  • Developing a Python application
  • Connect MongoDB with Python

 Module 7: Version Control Software Module: 

FREE Duration of the module: week 14

Scope of VCS: Distributed  Version Control System is a norm and every developer is expected to know how to use and collaborate with the team. Git is a very common skill and is used in all industries. 

Benefits of learning VCS: It will help you maintain fast performance at scale. Every small bit of code you and your team write are all stored up. You are able to pinpoint bug sources in your code quite easily. Git makes every software developer and full stack developer team player. 

Module 8: Hands-on Labs sessions and materials for downloading Module fee: 

Duration of the module: 16 sessions in 4 months

Benefits of learning through labs: The labs sessions are organized so that you get time to practice and apply your learnings in code. These sessions will be held throughout the duration of the course. This practical session will have you try out programming and execute your written code successfully. As the lab syllabus mirrors the entirety of the full stack developer syllabus, you will learn enough in these labs session to try out small projects on your own. Additionally, you will be given supporting materials which you can download and use as a guide later on. 

Module 9: Mini Projects Module fee: FREE

Duration of the module: Minimum 5 MINI projects in 4 months between the modules

Benefits of learning with mini projects: These mini projects are designed to help you achieve practical usage of the skills that you learn in the course. These MINI projects will be based on modules and it may also be a stand alone project. These mini projects at the end of the modules will also be a good chance for you to get into the real time projects.The projects also carry credits to your certification. 

Module 10: Capstone Project Module fee: FREE    

Duration of the module: week 15 and 16

Benefits of learning with the capstone projects: The capstone project is very vital to your certification. You improve your researching skills with the capstone project. You take up a real time problem and try to work it out earning industry experience. This can also be a good addition to your portfolio. It prepares for future course of learning and is a good platform to showcase what you’ve learnt till now. Helps you develop patience and dedication to honing your core skills.

Prerequisites for the capstone project: You have completed all the full stack developer training modules. You are developing working knowledge of MongoDB, NodeJS, Django,and ReactJS. You have completed the mini projects that are module based.

Module 11: Videos and training material for full stack developer course self-paced FREE

Module fee: FREE access for ONE year  

Duration of the module: Access to self-paced course given after enrollment in the full stack developer course. This is only available for a period of one year after enrollment.

Benefits of training materials: This material will be available to you for a period of one year. That means it will be accessible to you long after your course is over. This way, you can revisit and relearn topics you need. This will be helpful to you when you are job searching or just practicing codes and you need to check up on a concept. 

Module 12: Full stack developer course download Module fee: FREE  

Duration of the module: Available to all students after the course starts.

Benefits of having downloadable material: The downloadable course materials also include videotaped seminars that are conducted. The course materials will be fully available for download and this will help you revisit the topics and prepare yourself. This course materials will be of great use to you in case you miss attending a class, and you can use it to catch up with your peers. The downloaded material comes in handy when you have to revisit and revise a topic after class. 

Module 13: Placement assistance, Mock Interviews, and Portfolio Building  Module fee:

FREE, subject to fulfillment of criteria.     

Duration of the module: At the end of the Full Stack Developer Course Benefits of getting the placement assistance:

The placement program is designed for those who successfully complete the full stack web developer course. We will offer materials to prepare for the placement test and also organize multiple MOCK interview sessions for the students to practice. Every session will be followed by feedback and we’ll work with the students to help them give an outstanding interview.

Prerequisites of getting placement assistance: You should have the minimum required attendance. You should have completed all the assignments and mini-projects on time. You should have taken up all the mandatory tests and score passing grades(90%) in each one. You should have completed your project and presented them to the expert panel. You have made timely payments and paid the course fee in full.

Module 14: Full Stack Developer Course Certificate of completion Module fee:

This is a perk of taking the Full Stack developer course in Chennai, and is offered at NO additional COST.

Duration of getting the certificate: The certificate of completion of the Full Stack Developer Course in Chennai will be issued after the successful completion of the course. 

Benefits of getting certified: You can use it as proof  of your skill. It can be listed under certifications in the resume to make it better.

Prerequisites for getting certified: You should have completed the course with the minimum prescribed attendance in classes, that is, you should be present in the classroom. You should have the minimum prescribed attendance in the lab sessions. You should have completed all of your assignments and projects on time. You should have presented your completed capstone project to the expert panel in the time slot given to you. 

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Why is the Full Stack developer training fees in Chennai being offered at such affordable rates by Crampete?

The Full Stack Developer Course fee in Chennai is Rs. 60,000/-. This is a period offer that may last at the discretion of the Crampete management. The actual Full Stack Developer course fee in Chennai is very high and you can compare our rates with our competitors. We bring this course to you at an affordable rate so that everyone gets access to these materials and gets a chance at learning job related skills. This makes this course ideal for freshers on the lookout for a job, the working professionals and the students, especially in their pre-final and final years.  


1. Full Stack Developer Training Fee in Chennai

The entire cost of the full stack developer training in Chennai is Rs. 60,000/-. You have a variety of payment choices, simple pay support for UPI, and alternatives for free EMI. Here is a breakdown that demonstrates why our full stack developer training in Chennai is significantly less expensive than other programmes if you are considering the cost of the full stack developer course. The following banking payment methods are accepted for the full stack developer course in Chennai: credit card, debit card, net banking, and UPI. This course's tuition is maintained low, and the certificate will help you get employment exactly as a degree with a diploma or MBA. To participate in the classes, all you need to know about computers is how to use one. The course is set up to make learning simple, and it includes a list of all the critical abilities you'll need to land a job. This is the reason enrolling in this course is better than applying for admission to other institutions.

2. Can I learn coding in a month?

One Month is an online coding school that offers classes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, and other programming languages. They are assisting in the closing of the skills gap by allowing non-programmers to swiftly gain hands-on job skills.

3. Do Web developers get paid well?

Price for developing websites depends on many factors. In India the average charge for developing an average commerce website is near about 25K. Again, price depends on many factors like how big website you are developing and what will be the traffic force on the website and many more.Considering average difficulty level for all factors you can earn 15000 INR per website in the beginning of your carrier. This amount increases to 25000 INR per website after few months of experience.

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