Full stack developer resume

How to design a Full Stack Developer Resume?

Many new careers have come up to provide both businesses and individuals with the services required to navigate the ever growing field of IT. One of these lucrative careers is that of a full stack developer.

Full stack is a term that describes all the technologies needed to complete a project; therefore, a full stack developer is an IT expert who can effectively manage all kinds of operations regarding servers, databases, clients and systems engineering. These skills have been added by full stack developers in full stack resume.  You can specialize and become a mobile stack, native application stack or web stack developer depending on the kinds of projects.

As a full stack developer, you are of high value to your potential employer due to your wide skill set and thus ability to quickly carry out project prototype design. You also save the company the costs associated with hiring different professionals for each project segment.

As a full stack developer, you have to show your potential employer that you have mastered the full range of skills required of your responsibilities. Some of these include front-end and back-end web technologies, database and cache operations, programming languages and tools, as well as soft skills like creativity, time management and excellent communication skills.

Including all this vital information in an impressive Full Stack Resume is a sure way to get yourself that prime job as a full stack developer. 

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What is a Full Stack Developer Resume & why do you need it?

The resume is a source through which you can communicate the highlights of your career and professional skills to the recruiters.

This is your chance to make an impressive impact and raise your chances of being shortlisted for the targeted job profile.

Most recruiters scan resumes through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to pick the most suitable ones. It helps them filter through a sea of resumes and chooses only the ones that are fit for the targeted job profile.

So you need to make sure that you rank high on the ATS which is possible only if you make use of suitable keywords.

Include the keywords used by the recruiters in the job listing in your full stack web developer resume and you can get a step closer to your dream job.

Full stack developer resume India

How to write your Full Stack Resume

Resume writing has three stages which can help you build a resume in the most productive manner possible.

The three stages as discussed below:

Stage 1: Master Full Stack Developer Resume

Stage 2: First Draft of Full Stack Developer Resume

Stage 3: Final Draft of Full Stack Developer Resume

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Full stack developer resume template

Master Full Stack Developer Resume

Start by creating a master folder to gather your data and pieces of information.

List down any particulars that relate to your educational qualification, work experience, internships, certifications, awards & recognition, etc. and make sure to follow up from time to time.

Doing so can help you find all the required pieces of information in a single place and save you time while writing your resume. It can also help you in making sure that you do not miss out on any important details that may enhance your resume.

Do not hesitate to list down even those details that you may not require in your current resume because it may be required in your future resume updates.

First Draft of Full Stack Developer Resume

In the second stage of resume writing, you need to compose the first draft of your full stack web developer resume.

In this stage, you have to frame the below-given sections:


Personal Information

Profile Title

Professional Experience


Certifications (if any)

Awards & Recognition (if any)

Additional Information (if any)

Final Draft of Full Stack Developer Resume

Finally, you need to compose the two sections that have been mentioned below:

Key Skills: Browse through your professional experience section and sort out your core skills to place them in this section. Compile this section as the last second step of resume writing.

Full stack developer resume summary

Summary: Constitute a resume summary if you have extensive years of work experience else, work out a resume objective. Compile this section as the last step of resume writing.

Full Stack Developer Resume Objective

A full stack resume objective should be written if:

you have no work experience.

you have very limited work experience of less than 3 years.

you are a fresher graduate writing an entry-level resume.

Instead of underlining a long list of things you are looking for, broadcast the service you can deliver in your next organization.

The role of a full stack developer resume objective is to sell your skills as a professional to the recruiter and convince them that you are what they are looking for.


A full stack resume must be written in the reverse-chronological order. This resume format comes highly recommended by HR experts because it is easier to navigate and highlights your work experience section, which will be your biggest strength while applying for your dream job. For more information about this resume format, consider visiting the online resume templates to see this resume layout. You can even download full stack resume template free downloads for your resume.

To use this format, start with a professional resume header, followed by your updated contact information, then your work experience section with all positions in reverse-chronological order, additional skills, proficiencies, and certifications, then your education section.


Just like your IT designs, your resume should be just as impressive and intricately built to impress the recruiters. You need to craft a resume layout that is not only neat and professional but also unique to ensure you stand out from the over 200 applicants that applied along with you.

White space is a sure ally as it makes your resume look neat; ensure your resume has a one-inch margin all around it plus reduce the level of bold or underline formatting. You should also consider using a maximum of two dark colours to make your resume stand out from the pile of bland white papers. Resume subheadings and bulleted points will help make your resume easier to skim through. Always use formal serif fonts like Cambria or Georgia in a legible font size like 12. When you are done writing your resume, save it in PDF format to ensure your excellent resume design remains intact across all devices.


Unless clearly written on the job application requirements, you do not have to put your photo on your resume. If it is indicated, add a clear headshot.

Resume Length

HR experts recommend that the maximum length of a resume be 1 page. This restriction ensures that applicants do not bog down recruiters with copious amounts of irrelevant information. When writing your resume, be concise, use bullets instead of paragraphs, and use columns to maximize on space.

Full stack developer Resume Section Headings

Full Stack Developer Resume: Header

The below-given points can help you frame the perfect resume header:

It should be written at the top of your resume.

It should be the largest text in your resume after your resume header.

It should be inscribed in the range of 16-20 font size.

If you have a middle name, write the initial of your middle name followed by a period and place it in the middle of your first and last name.

Full Stack Developer Resume: Personal Information

The personal information section should ideally contain the details of the following:

Contact Number

Email Address

Current Location

Contact Number

You need to provide your contact number so that the recruiters' can get in touch with you for any possible shortlist.

In some cases, the recruiters may want to interview you over the phone or schedule face-to-face meetings with you, and for that, you need to provide your active number.

The correct way to put down your mobile number is documented below:

Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number

Place a plus sign (+) before the ISD code

Eg: +1 (435) 623 7238 , 044-24482790

Email Address

Another means of communication between you and the recruiters' is through email.

Make sure to provide only your official email address that has your real name to maintain professionalism:

Example: annabelle@xyz.com

Avoid fancy names in your email address as it makes you seem like someone who is not serious with one's career.

Example: princessannabelle@xyz.com

Current Location

If you are looking for a job in your own country, simply mention the city and state of your residence. But if you are looking for a job outside your country, just mention your city and country of residence.

Do not give out unnecessary details like your house number, street number, and your locality.

Every country, organization, recruiters, etc have a different set of hiring guidelines so make sure to go through them before giving out your personal information.

Full Stack Developer Resume: Profile Title

Profile titles are your professional identity in your entry level of full stack web developer resume.

It communicates the following facts to the recruiter.

  • Your current designation.
  • Your functional industry.
  • Your level of seniority in your line of work.

It should be the second-largest text in the range of 14-16 font size.

Never magnify your profile title as it will pass off as deliberately cheating the recruiter and it may cause problems in your job application.

Provide only the accurate profile title that defines you as a professional who is qualified for the targeted job profile.

full stack developer resume infographics




67 Nethaji Nagar 



Phone num: 022- 623 7238

Email - annabelle@xyz.com


SENIOR FULL STACK DEVELOPER                                                                        BANGALORE              

05/2014 – present

·     Design and develop the next-generation system’s performance monitoring and capacity management infrastructure for VMware's virtualization products

·    Developing UI, management layer and Services, and APIs

·    Taking technical ownership for key components and working through functional, performance and scale issues

·     Build consensus among different teams working on software development projects

·     Total confidence in designing and developing applications using the full Spring framework

·     Write and execute test cases to ensure all functionalities are working as intended

·     Facilitate discussions among other .NET and database developers to exchange new ideas and improvements

FULL STACK DEVELOPER                                                                       BANGALORE

07/2007 – 02/2014

·     You will work together with our development team to extend the functionality and performance of our applications

·     Provide third level assistance and support on developed applications

·     Work cross-functionally with various Intuit teams: product management, QA/QE, various product lines, or business units to drive forward results

·     The FullStack Developer will be working as part of a small team to design and deploy phenomenal web applications and platforms

·     Provide ongoing feedback to upper management on the current status of projects

·     Work in a small team of motivated and talented developers that operates like a mini-start-up in an enterprise

·     Document and provide training on newly developed features

 JUNIOR FULL STACK DEVELOPER                                                                DELHI

10/2000 – 06/2007

·         Developing unit/integration tests

·         Spring framework, IOC, MVC

·         Spring framework, IOC - basic knowledge

·         Applications development

·         Unit testing frameworks (JUnit, Mockito etc.)

·         Sometimes developing automation UI tests

·         Unit testing frameworks (JUnit, Mockito)


Bachelor’s Degree in Science in University of Oregon


·     Focus on code quality, reusability and testability

·     Good analytical and problem solving skills that are coupled with strong communication

·     Ability to write test cases and coverage

·     Database (Sybase) – strong SQL and Stored procedure concepts,

·     Strong Core Java, Spring & Hibernate, Multithreading, Design Patterns, OO    Concepts

·     Cloud experience AWS desirable

·     Develop fast and scalable web applications that are pleasure to use

·     Strong mathematics background

·     Proficiency with at least one of the following frameworks -laravel, zend, symfony or cakephp

·     Strong team player

 Full Stack Developer Resume: Education

Your educational qualification can determine if you are eligible for the targeted job profile. Make sure to provide the details of your education to validate your suitability for the job.

The education segment of your senior full stack developer resume should ideally consist of:

  • Name of the school/university you have studied.
  • Name of the courses you have pursued.
  • The location of your school/university.
  • Admission and graduation dates in the month & year format.

Most stack developers have at least a bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, statistics and programmer, or other relevant fields. Recruiters will want to see where you got your knowledge and skills, so list your academic achievements in reverse chronological order. Start with the degree you have, college name and location, then the years of study. If your GPA was stellar, add it to get even more points

Full Stack Developer Resume: Certifications

In addition to your educational qualification, it is beneficial for you to be a certified full stack developer to practice your field of work.

It can make the recruiters recognize you as a suitable applicant and raise your chances of being shortlisted for the targeted job profile.

The certification segment of your full stack web developer resume communicates the following details about you:

Certification course name.

Name of the institute of affiliation.

Location of the institute of affiliation.

Admission and completion date of the course in the month & year format.

Full stack resume roles and responsibilities

Work experience

The work experience section in Full stack resumes is incredibly important. As mentioned earlier, it indicates your career progress and can, therefore, be used to determine the quality of skills and knowledge and value you will bring to the hiring organization.

The recruiter will be seeking candidates that fit the functions in their organizations perfectly, so refer to the job description in the job ad to tailor this section accordingly.

Start by listing the name of the firm you worked with, the job title you held, and the period of tenure; followed by 4-7 bullets describing the responsibilities you had in each position.

While you want to be brief, you want to add some quantifiable achievements backed by some real statistics and resume action verbs to add a more significant impact on this section.

Professional Experience

One of the most important features in your resume is the professional experience section as it is like the heart of your senior and Junior full stack developer resume.

Example 1(pointed format)

  • Drafted and wrote the front-end of our E-Commerce application using ReactJS
  • Constructed new computer programs for 2 corporate offices on the allotted time
  • Developed app-solutions with the use of platforms such as Javascript, SQL, and HTML
  • Structured back-end codes in different languages for new software for easy data access
  • Evaluated project-specific criteria that require intangible data for new product design
  • Performed testing & evaluated new software for use within the projects
  • Installed the updated software in testing and production environments
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Example 2( paragraph model)

"Successfully drafted and wrote the front-end of our E-Commerce application using ReactJS. Constructed new computer programs for 2 corporate offices as scheduled for the allotted time. Developed effective app-solutions with the use of platforms such as Javascript, SQL, and HTML. Structured back-end codes in different languages for new software to have easy access to data whenever required.

Evaluated the project-specific criteria that require intangible data for new product design. Performed effective testing and evaluated the new software to be used within the projects. Installed the latest configurations to update the software in testing and production environments."

You can draft your experience in the full stack developer resume in India any of those example models.

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Words to Use

  •         Front-end/back-end developer
  •         LAMP stack
  •         Full-stack web applications
  •         Net Application Support Engineer
  •         PHP Database management
  •         Upgrades
  •         MEAN stack
  •         APIs
  •         HTML5, CSS
  •         Linux/Unix programing
  •         Software design / Software Developer
  •         Web page development
  •         Artificial Intelligence
  •         Android developer
  •         Java / net developer 

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Action Verbs

  •         Plan
  •         Improve
  •         Apply
  •         Supervise
  •         Debug
  •         Liaised with
  •         Develop
  •         Guide
  •         Collaborated with
  •         Manage
  •         Design
  •         Participate
  •         Solve
  •         Devise
  •         Strategize
  •         Conceptualize

Key Takeaways

Always use bullet points to frame one-liners to describe your work experience and list familiar points under unique headings.

Use suitable keywords by picking your core skills that have been justified in the professional experience section.

Give an overview of your resume by composing a resume summary or objective as per the years of your work experience.

Avoid writing "CV" or "Resume" in your resume and stick to writing your name as the resume header.

Always go through the hiring guidelines before giving out your personal information.

Now that we have reached the end , make use of the full stack developer resume format and tips that we have provided in this blog as it can help you in writing a good resume. Resumes play a vital role in placing at top MNC companies.Post your full stack developer resume indeed in pdf or in document form and get hired by leading companies.  Design your resume accordingly to impress the recruiter.


1. What do you put on full stack developer on resume?

  • Select the Most Appropriate Resume Format for Your Full Stack Developer. 
  • Write a summary or objective for a Full Stack Web Developer resume.
  • Create a resume with the ideal Full Stack Developer job description.
  • Make the education section of your Full Stack Developer resume stand out.

2. Does Google hire full stack developers?

  • A full-stack developer masters the front-end (browser, mobile, or desktop app), databases, and back-end (till assembly code).
  • Given the variety of devices, systems, frameworks, programming languages, paradigms, and tools, being a comprehensive "full-stack" developer could take a couple of decades.
  • Since, well, young people buy fancy things, educational institutions and companies have started offering fancy courses and work titles like "full stack developer" and "data scientist."
  • You'll be working (or starting) in a small part of a huge software ecosystem, and it'll take you a few years to even look over your shoulder and see what the rest of your team is up to.
  •  In one sentence, the terms "fresher" and "full-stack developer" do not seem to be complementary. If you want a serious career in computing, get a real computer science degree and be prepared to read, do, and move for the rest of your life.
  • Your paths may cross with Google and Amazon at some point.

3. Is Full stack development hard?

  • It is not difficult; however, it is time-consuming and needs more effort.
  • To become a full-stack web developer, you must learn both the backend and the frontend.
  • If you have no prior experience, start with the front-end (HTML, CSS, javascript), then move on to the back-end, where you can use any of the following technologies: SQL, MongoDB, firebase-database, or any other no-SQL technology.
  • After you've mastered these and launched your first website, you can move on to learning about the libraries and frameworks that are currently/widely used in web development. Angular, Respond, Bootstrap, VueJS, and so on.
  • Then keep learning because new technology emerges daily.

4. Which certification is best for full stack developer?

There is no such thing as a Full Stack Certification. The phrase Full Stack is slowly being phased out as every developer needs to be ready to learn anything and everything that is put on their plate. This doesn’t mean the job title of Full Stack developer still doesn’t exist. As a Full Stack developer you’re expected to know at the absolute minimum:

  1. Databases (SQL, NoSQL) (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis)
  2. Back-end (Python, C++)
  3. Front-end (HTML, CSS, JS)
  4. Frameworks (React, Angular)
  5. Mobile Development (Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native)
  6. Hosting (AWS, Heroku, Apache)
  7. Basics (Terminal, Linux, IDE’s, Virtual Environments, Virtual Servers)

5. Is Web development a dying career?

No, it's not true. While several tools make it simple for a beginner to construct a simple website, creation is more than just building a website. While these resources will meet the needs of certain users, many others will need more customised pages.

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