Full Stack Developer Jobs In Chennai

Full Stack Developer Jobs In Chennai

Complete full stack developer job in Chennai  describes the native, mobile, or internet application stacks of a software programme for a specific device. Employing a full-stack developer is advantageous for any company for a number of reasons. First, technology is always evolving, creating web and mobile apps requires understanding of multiple languages. You need to be technically skilled and knowledgeable about key areas of software development to become a full Stack developer.

While big companies hire professional frontend and backend developers to work on a variety of projects, startups also value full stack developer expertise. It could be challenging to find a front-end developer, but with the right tools, you can cut down on the time and effort needed to do so. They have greater advantages for any business searching for a low-cost solution because they accelerate time to market. Hence Full stack developer job in Chennai is a demandable on.



Who is a full stack developer?

One of the highest-paid career objective positions in India is unquestionably that of a full stack developer. But it should be highlighted: A full-stack web developer is an expert who is familiar with both front-end and back-end programming, which are the two main areas of development.

The developer can build a complete web application thanks to his broad knowledge base. The fact that they are aware of the distinctions between the various roles they play is what matters most.

The term "full-stack" explains itself because a full stack developer needs to be familiar with every layer of any stack they choose, including the MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, and LAMP Stack.

Front- End: The user-interface side of a web application is sometimes referred to as the client-side. The developer will concentrate on writing the user interface's code.

Back - End: Everything that takes place on the back end, or server side, of a web application. A back-end developer is in charge of an application's or website's fundamental operation.

Database: Data for any project or application you are working on can be kept in the database. MYSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and other well-liked databases.

DevOps: It is a mechanism that bridges the gap between the operations team and the development team. They collaborate to produce an application with faster, more dependable, and superior results. 


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Full Stack Developer job description

Let's look at the job description according to the resume for a java full stack developer. Full-stack developers are more valued than other developers due to a unique trait called flexibility. Modern development techniques encompass a wide range of tools and skills, including agile development methodology, API development, database administration, and coding in an integrated environment.

Full-stack programming is one of the most sought-after careers among developers and students and is in high demand. A few benefits of this job are the greater compensation, flexibility, room for advancement, and on-going education.

Languages like JavaScript, CSS, etc. are exceptionally well-versed in by full stack engineers. Also, they have a solid understanding of using databases and development tools to establish a solid foundation for a website.

It should be possible for full stack developers to design their apps to reduce the number of various roles required. This saves a lot of time and money, especially for new businesses and small businesses. The desired years of experience and abilities are the main differences between a senior full stack developer job description and a junior full stack developer jobs description.

Full Stack Developer Job in Chennai 

A Full Stack Engineer with experience in both web programming languages and design is what we are looking for. You must deal with both the front and back ends of a website or application. Among the responsibilities include collaboration with the project's core technical teams and problem-solving. Whole platforms, including client, servers, and databases, should be within your reach. Together with knowledge in PHP, a job description naukri for a PHP full stack developer includes information on the talents required.

A full-stack developer focuses on writing back-end and front end code when developing software,websites, and applications. One of the key motivations for becoming a full-stack developer is because of this, and full-stack developers are currently in high demand. Their vastly varied, adaptable, and rich skill set makes them very useful to clients.

How to start a full stack developer job in Chennai?

  • Being a good full stack developer requires, first and foremost, having all the necessary technical and soft abilities.
  • You might be needed to select from a variety of full stacks, including the MEAN, MERN, and MEVN stacks, among others. Thus, be ready to use any technologies with ease. Thus, whether it be a PHP Full Stack developer job description in indeed or a Java Angular developer job description in naukri. Either of these should be open to applications.
  • Create an impressive portfolio with your newly learned talents to win over potential employers. Create a CV and start working on some do-it-yourself projects to meet the standards outlined in Full Stack developer job descriptions on well-known websites.
  • Attend interviews and submit applications for full-stack development positions with reputable employers.

Education and Work Experience needed for Full Stack Developer job in Chennai

You should be aware of the following things if you want to work as a Full Stack developer:

  • Prior to designing web apps, you must have a solid understanding of the various technologies used.
  • A functional web application must be created using these technologies, which is the second requirement.
  • The third prerequisite is having the capacity to deploy and maintain your web apps.

A Full Stack developer needs to have a lot of experience. Some claim that a degree in computer science or a closely related discipline from college may be necessary. Nonetheless, many developers have achieved significant success without completing a four-year degree. Hence, even though it could give you a benefit, a degree is not necessary to become a Full Stack developer.

The knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this sector can be acquired more affordably by earning your certification through an established online programme. Also, it can be completed in a small portion of the time needed to get a college degree.

If you want to work as a full-stack developer, you must have extensive understanding of both frontend and backend programming. This indicates that you must possess both the technical knowledge of how to create websites and applications and the ability to do it. You must be at ease with a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and databases. Also, you must be quick to pick up new technology.

Unquestionably, it takes time to become a Full Stack developer. Years of experience and continual education are needed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success in this industry. If you have a love for web development and are prepared to put in the necessary work, it is undeniably possible.

Roles & Responsibilities

Numerous developers have opted to pursue full stack careers, and many more are in the process of doing so. Because of its advantages of quicker development, cost-efficiency, and strong technical skills, it is one of the high-demand job titles.

  • Although each firm has its own set of specifications for a full stack developer, the following are some important duties they must carry out:
  • Create new, dynamic, front-end and back-end software products and apps that are dynamic and visually appealing.
  • Able to develop entire architecture, responsive design, user interaction, and user experience
  • Having the ability to use databases, server, APIs, version control systems, and third-party applications
  • Provide suggestions for ongoing improvement, and add or remove features as necessary
  • Design approach that prioritises stability, scalability, and performance optimisation.
  • Keep abreast of new development-related tools, frameworks, methods, and architectures.
  • Conceive, design, and deploy a finished product based on company demands.
  • Throughout testing and production, make sure cross-platform compatibility is maintained and problems are fixed.
  • Control a team of developers and maintain effective communication with them to plan a product's future and improve performance.
  • Organize and direct a group of programmers, designers, and network administrators to produce digital results that support company goals.

Qualifications required for Full Stack Developer job in Chennai

  • A Bachelor's degree in statistics, computer science, or a similar field, or both work experience and an appropriate degree.
  • A master's degree in a related discipline is advised.
  • Having at least five years' experience as a  web developer or web designer.
  • Having knowledge of multiple front end and back end languages.

Skills required for Full Stack Developer job in Chennai


  • HTML/CSS: While CSS is used to change the look and feel of a website, HTML is used to add new web content. HTML and CSS shape a website's look and feel, which ultimately plays a big part in attracting potential customers.
  • In order to establish the structure of web pages using markup, Full Stack Engineers must work with HTML. Both CSS and HTML elements are useful for full stack development. These coding languages must be well-understood by Full Stack Developers in order to produce an engaging, interactive, and interactive frontend for applications.
  • JAVASCRIPT: In order to be a Full Stack Engineer, you must have JavaScript knowledge. It takes object-oriented programming to include actions into HTML. Doing server programming for the front and back ends is typically done in this language. The only programming language that can be used natively on both the server and a browser is JavaScript. A job description for a java angular full stack developer explains the responsibilities of the position.
  • AJAX: Online applications can receive and send data asynchronously from servers thanks to Ajax. Programs on your phone or computer network that run in the background, obtaining information and updating without causing a hiccup are made possible by Ajax.
  • GITHUB & GIT: Everyone who works as a developer or desires to do so is familiar with Git. You can use it as an "open-source distributed version control system" to meet your development requirements. Git makes it easy for developers to keep track of all changes made to programmes, apps, scripts, websites, papers, and other relevant assets. In order to be a part of a team, professional developers must have GitHub profiles.
  • JQuery: jQuery The use of jQuery facilitates the processing of HTML events, Ajax animation, and document traversal. Ordinarily, many of these routine web development tasks would take a long time to code, but thanks to jQuery, developers may concentrate on trickier coding and web development problems. Full stack developers frequently use it to save time.
  • Website Architecture: Full stack developers are the experts of software development. They have advanced frontend and backend development skills. Developers that work across the full stack must be familiar with web architecture details. They must be able to classify files, databases, arrange data, and do the necessary computational activities because their main role is to create complicated software systems from scratch.
  • Node js: Developers can run JavaScript code on the node js platform before publishing it to a web browser.
  • Ruby on Rails: Often used to create social networks, online shops, and software as a service, like Shopify, Instacart, Zendesk, and SoundCloud, Ruby on Rails is a powerful programming language and framework. It is known as "opinionated" software because it might anticipate a developer's demands as they work on a project, which could boost productivity.
  • Python: python is a sort of programming language that is primarily used for data analysis, automation, and the creation of websites and apps. Full stack developers must be proficient in python because it is a multipurpose language that is utilized for a variety of tasks.
  • SQL: The programming language SQL is used for data extraction and structuring in relational data management systems. SQL is used by full stack developers to create rules for sending, receiving, or manipulating server data in order to facilitate communication between backend components like the server or database.
  • DATABASE STORAGE: Data stored in a backend database is a necessity for every online application. Websites and apps can easily and rapidly access information thanks to efficient database storage. Since full stack engineers build the bridges connecting the client-side and server-side of a software, they need to be conversant with relational and non-relational data, nosql platforms, and storage solutions like mongodb.
  • NPM: NPM is the name of the package manager designed particularly for Node.js. It aids in the installation of numerous programmes. It also offers creative solutions for a variety of dependencies. It gives developers the ability to position modules in the most optimal spots so that the node can find them and manage dependency issues correctly. It is now appropriate for a variety of tasks, including developing, disseminating, finding, and installing node programmes, thanks to NPM.
  • Design basics: The exceptional task of creating user-facing interfaces and overseeing backend infrastructure is assigned to full stack developer. Full stack developers need to understand the fundamentals of design as a result. Every layer of the development stack must serve the end user, which requires a thorough understanding of how users interact with websites and other digital products.

Soft Skills required for full stack developer job in Chennai

  • Creativity: The developer must comprehend the project's goals and produce a work that appeals to the intended market.
  • Strategic planning: Planning is a crucial stage in every stage of growth. The developer should be able to strategically plan the phases of design, development, and implementation. This simplifies the procedure.
  • Analytical skills: As their name implies, these abilities aid in the accurate analysis of information and the making of rational, data-driven judgements that maximize efficiency. Now, these are abilities that one learns through exposure. Yet it is necessary to have a clear understanding.
  • Once more, being able to anticipate issues and create a bug-free application depends heavily on problem-solving abilities. From a commercial standpoint, problem-solving abilities are crucial to the efficient completion of tasks.
  • Time management abilities: The developer must fulfill deadlines while ensuring that his responsibilities are carried out correctly.
Often Used Tech Stacks Full Stack Developers Can Choose

A tech stack is a collection of technologies, tools, and programming languages that can be utilised to create websites and software. The four most popular tech stacks from which full stack developers might select to build their projects are shown below.

MEAN Stack

One benefit of adopting a MEAN stack is that javaScript is the only language that is used. This well-known stack includes the following components:

  • MongoDB (database)  
  • Express.js (back end web framework)  
  • Angular.js (front end web framework)  
  • Node.js (server side JavaScript)  

These particular stack components gave rise to the name "MEAN stack." Each element of the MEAN stack has a distinct purpose.

The user's queries are accepted by the angular js front-end web framework, which is in charge of showing them the results. The management of both client-side and server-side requests falls under the purview of Node.js. The queries are sent to the database (MongoDB) through Express.js, and the data is returned to Node.js. Data is stored and retrieved by MongoDB based on user requests.

MERN Stack

The main difference between a MERN stack and a MEAN stack is that reactjs takes the role of Angular.js as a front-end web framework.

reactjs is located in the top layer of the three-tiered architecture of the MERN stack. Finally, the database server, mongodb, is at the top level, followed by Node.js and Express.js.

MEVN Stack

Another variant of the MEAN stack is called MEVN, which uses Vue.js as the front-end web framework instead of Angular.js. A front-end tool called Vue.js was introduced in 2014.


LAMP is one of the most economical and effective stacks out there, making it perfect for usage in business. There are the following layers:

  • Linux  
  • Apache  
  • MySQL  
  • php

A further benefit of adopting a LAMP stack is that all of the stack levels are free and open-source. Although this stack is versatile and useful, it only supports LINUX OS. Moreover, Apache occasionally experiences performance problems when dealing with a high workload.

Full stack developer job in Chennai salary

A full stack web development salary in India makes an average base income of Rs.562,629 per year. This figure may range from INR 300K to INR 1400K. Can also be checked in glassdoor.

One of the highest-paid career positions in India is unquestionably that of a full stack web developer. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that a variety of criteria, including experience, talents, geography, and company, determine salary.


In summary, Full Stack Engineers are highly skilled experts who can manage all facets of web development. They are capable of working on both front end and back-end development projects. Downloading job description pdfs online will help you obtain employment as a full stack developer by educating yourself on the duties anticipated. If working with Python is more appealing to you, look at a full stack developer job description in Chennai for Python.

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