How to Become a Back-End Developer? Tips on Best Frameworks to Learn

Who is a back-end developer?

The back-end is where the data of the application is saved, manipulated and given as output to the client-side. The back-end developer develops and maintains the server-side web application, it's logic.  They are also responsible for the integration of the server-side with the work done by the front-end developer.

They are the ones who develop the APIs used by the mobile app and other front-end developers. They are also experts at maintaining the database and usually have an understanding of the front-end.  In short, they are just a few steps short of a full-stack web developer. If you want to be prized as a great web developer, familiarize yourself with some front-end frameworks and full-stack web development tools. Now, it is possible to learn the course by both online and Full Stack offline classes as per your comfort why become a back end developer

Why become a back-end developer?

Web development is a popular field and back-end web development is in demand. It is also a well-paid job. Back end developers play an important role in web application development. There is always more requirement for a back-end developer. it is a great learning experience and you learn more languages, and web development tools and frameworks than an average front-end developer. 

How to become a back-end web developer?

A Computer Science degree or Certification is more important for becoming a back-end web developer. Since they work with writing algorithms, data mining and other abstraction work, experience alone is not enough. If you are not from a Computer Science background, the best way for you is to attend courses that are offered. Training is offered both in-person and through online courses.

Carefully analyze and select a course that offers you the maximum benefit in a reasonable time frame.Attend an online course on full stack web development and learn to become a web developer. Develop all the skills you require to become a back-end developer. Learn popular programming languages.

There is no limit to the number of languages that you can learn. Then set about learning frameworks that are based on the languages that you have learned.  You can also code in pure language but it takes a lot more time and effort. It also requires extensive coding whereas learning frameworks lets you create templates and reusable code which reduces the lines of code you need to write. This also makes your work more efficient.

The next step is to improve your skills with database knowledge. There are various types of databases which you need to select based on the requirement of the business. So learn one database in the Relational database, NoSQL and hybrid models of databases and working with them. Then familiarize yourself with version control like Git and also develop a basic understanding of some front end frameworks additionally. 

Job profile general requirements.

  • Develop server-side logic for the company requirement.
  • Build reusable code and libraries.
  • Integrate front-end with the server-side applications.
  • Maintain the central database.
  • Ensure the performance levels.
  • Optimize for high responsiveness and scalability. 
  • Implement and track data protection and cybersecurity.

Skills required for a web developer to qualify as a back-end engineer

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript knowledge.
  • Expertise with CSS preprocessors SAA, LESS for server-side development.
  • Expert knowledge of programming languages PHP, Python, Ruby, and .NET languages etc.
  • Optimize output across multiple platforms.
  • Good understanding and experience working with back-end frameworks.
  • Familiar with data protection and security features.

Desired skills

  • Basic knowledge on front end frameworks.
  • Familiar with data migration, scripting
  • Experience with a version control system, for example, GitHub.
  • Familiar with database and backups setup and maintenance.

Other skills

  • Critical thinking 
  • Analytical skills
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player

There may be some employers who may require a computer science degree but most of them are fine with certification and experience in the domain. The salary earned by the back end developer. According to the job search site Indeed, the national average salary of a back-end developer is around Rs.2,19,660/-. The salary is subjected to increase depending on the skillset, experience, the employer and the location of employment.  Back End developer

Some of the good to know and learn back end frameworks.

NodeJS It is one of the oldest and a popular web development framework. It is open-source and free to use. It is lightweight and efficient as it uses non-blocking and event-driven I/O. It is based on javascript. It is a runtime environment is used for specific purposes in an application. node unifies the web development aspects with one programming language. It is cross-platform and supports BSD, Windows, Mac OS, Linux and IBM AIX.

Flask Flask is a web application framework that is permissive free software. It is written in python. It is a microframework and does not requires libraries. It is a lightweight software. It does have the ability to scale to complex web applications. It supports various extensions across multiple functionalities. There are extensions available for authentication, upload handling, object-relational mapper and other web development tools.

Laravel It is an open-source web development framework. It is written in PHP. It is influenced by Symfony. It follows the MVC architecture. It has great features and is a good choice for a developer with PHP knowledge. It has a modular packaging system. It comes with a dedicated dependency manager, and different methods to use the relational databases. It also has in-built tools that help in application deployment and maintenance.

Django It is an open-source framework and id free. It is written in Python. it is one of the popular full stack web development framework of recent times. It follows the MTV architecture model. It uses less code and is all about reusability. It supports rapid application development. It also includes a standalone web server for testing and development. it has a great set of features and also comes bundled with many additional useful web development tools.

Express ExpressJS is a framework that is built on Nodejs. It is very fast and light. It is a good choice to build robust web and mobile applications. It is used to build APIs. It has good performance and provides a lot of features on top of Nodejs. SpringBoot

Phoenix It is a web development framework written in the programming language Elixir. It follows MVC architecture. It is based on the plug library and cowboy erlang framework. It is used to develop high-performance web applications. It has good scalability. You can use the Phoenix framework to build APIs and HTML5 web applications. It is a simple framework and easy to use. It has high functionality. It is a good choice to build fault-tolerant systems.

Ruby on Rails A web application development framework written in Ruby. Rails is a full stack framework and is popular for back-end web development. The Rails framework is many times faster than any JS framework. It also provides seamless coding experience and requires a lot less code than other frameworks for the same application. It supports convention over configuration paradigm. Rails is a framework that offers a built-in testing system. It automatically provides a testing module for the written code which can then be modified.

CakePHP   The cake is an open-source web development framework. It is written in PHP. The cake is used for developing web applications that are fast, reliable and flexible. It follows the MVC architecture. It is heavily influenced by Ruby on Rails. This is a rapid application development framework. It has an active community presence and is a popular choice for coding with PHP. 

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