How to Get a Job as a Fresher

"10 Tips to Get a Job as Freshers"

Recently, it is becoming tough for freshers to get their dream jobs. It may be due to volatile economic conditions and high competition globally. However, you need not worry anymore. Just by following the expert’s instructions and by staying motivated you can get your favourite job.

"How to get a job as a fresher?" This is one of the significant questions that almost every college pass-outs ask. And if you are one among them then continue to read this article further. Hopefully by the end of it, you will get ideas about getting a job as a fresher in India.

Now we shall directly dive into the tips for the question "How to get a job without experience?"

Here are the 10 tips to get a job as freshers.

1. Companies Demand Freshers Too!

It is common for students to think that companies recruit only experienced candidates. But the actual case is not like that. Even non-experienced candidates can also attend the interview based on their skills. You must understand one thing, there are certain job postings that demand the need for experienced people.

But not the entire system wants only them. Initially, freshers are in the training stage. And so, the recruiters will check whether the fresher is willing and able to understand new concepts without struggling. If so, then they will recruit and train accordingly. Thus, for whatever job you apply for, you must be totally dedicated and eager to grasp the concepts.

However, while applying for the fresher jobs, you will get confused. Therefore, check the job-role that is described by the organization. For example, if you are recent pass-outs having a degree in civil engineering then search for "how to get a job as a fresher civil engineer?".

You will get job openings for freshers in civil engineering, specifically. By this way, you are customizing your search. Moreover, you must go through the company’s requirements - in terms of skills, age and other niche criteria.

How to get a job? Do not apply for too many organizations at a time. Similarly, do not send the resume for only one company, wait for your turn and then apply for another. In the first case, you will end up missing your opportunity without having proper track. In the second scenario, you will merely waste your time.

For this, what you can do is, apply for a few organizations that ask for the same set of skills. Note down the companies for which you have applied and proceed accordingly.

Adding to this, this is your golden time to get a job, so do not relax yourself completely. Just know about the company before attending the interview. You must be confident to say about – the company, its mission & vision, CEO of the company, what process they do etc.

2. How to Get a Job Using Proper Resume?

Resume plays a vital role for freshers to get a good job.

As a fresher, you might be confused to prepare a professional resume. It is a common problem but remember that, resume is going to speak about your talents to the employers. Therefore, find out the successful resume template that worked well for your friends during the interview. You can also Google search and get the sample resume formats for the specific job role. Later, prepare or modify your resume accordingly.

Never think that one resume will fit for all the job types. Consider that you are applying for two different jobs – one for a product-based company and another is for software testing. The skills required for these are totally different. And just one resume will not be compatible for both these jobs. Hence, you must be clear what job role you are going to apply and build the resume based on it.

How to get a job using proper resume

As a fresher, many of them try to impress the recruiter by including all the skill set in their resume. It is really dangerous to add all the skills, if you are not aware of it. However, if you have in-depth knowledge about the skills then adding it in the CV is not an issue. For instance, if you are adding python or software testing skills in your CV then ensure you know the most about it. Here, you must also remember to add specialized keywords in the resume.

If you are an expert in python, then include the keywords related to it. As recruiters have less time to read your resume, they will go through the resume randomly. If the specialized skills and its keywords are highlighted, then they feel easy to identify the same.

Finally, you can ask help from experts and take ample amounts of time to build your resume. Do not forget to proofread your CV before finalizing it. Proof-reading the resume will let you know about the mistakes in it.

3. How to Search for Fresher Job Openings?

Usually, organizations will conduct campus placements for final year students. If you couldn't attend it then check for any off-campus placements happening around in colleges. This is one of the best ways for freshers to enter into a reputable company. Adding to this, you can also search via online job portals in Google for relevant jobs. However, you must remember the below points while searching for a job on online job websites.

- There are tons of job postings available on online platforms like Naukri, Indeed or MonsterIndia. You must not get deviated from the job role that you are looking for. For example, you may be specialized in mechanical engineering. And seeking a job in that specialization then search "How to get a job as a fresher mechanical engineer?".

This is very similar to the point that I have mentioned above. The search results will be oriented to mechanical engineering jobs. You may tend to lose the track if you look or apply for other specifications too (that you are not intended).

Secondly, look at the date of job postings. Though online job portals will list recent job postings on top of the search, it is must to ensure it. If it is posted a year ago then it is of no use to apply for the job this year.

Most of the job portals will ask to upload your resume. And so, check for uploading it. Whether the resume is a perfect fit for the job openings.

You can also utilize the resume builder that is available in the job portals. It is customized and provides niche results.

Wait until you get a call. You might get a call from job consultants too. When you apply for a job in job portals, not only recruiters but also job consultants will see your profile. And those job consultants will refer for the interviews happening. Ensure whether the job consultant is reputable before dealing with them. Here you must also know, whether the job role they specify will match your interest.

4. It’s Time to Upgrade Your Skills:

As a fresher, getting a graduation certificate is not enough to get your dream job. As competition is increasing on one side and technology is rapidly developing on another phase, you must be competitive to handle both of it. But the confusion arises on which certification course to study and will that be beneficial or not.

For this, you can search online for the best certification courses to study after graduation. There are many valuable short-term courses that are beneficial even for students who have completed 12th.

Upgrade you skills

What would be the benefits of certification courses? Or is it a scam that wastes your money? Let us discuss that in detail in below points:

  • Speaking about the benefits, there are plenty. Firstly, you are going to gain knowledge about the technology in which you like to build your career. For instance, you may be a fresher engineer seeking a job in that particular industry then via certification classes, you can gain in-&-outs about the technology. The software courses like web developer, digital marketing or data science courses will fetch you a good job.
  • Now, I am a fresher looking for a job, how will the certification classes help me? If this is your question then continue reading to know the answer. Yes, you can include the certification courses that you have completed successfully, in your resume. This adds value for your profile and recruiters will consider these during the interview.
  • Enrolling in classes is just not enough. Be proactive and learn more about the concept.
  • Secondly, there are reliable certification course centres which will assist you for jobs after the course completion. Continuously seek them for help, until you find the job.
  • Though you have only little knowledge about the course initially, you can add to it by learning. Therefore, never hesitate to join the certification course that brings value to your career.

5. Tips to Apply for Jobs Abroad:

How to get a job abroad as a fresher?

It is really exciting, if you get a job abroad. That too in countries like the USA, Europe or UK. But all these will not come just like that, without any efforts. It is a really challenging process to search and find a job in foreign countries. If thousands of freshers are applying for jobs abroad then only hundred will get recruited from it. And so, how to be within those hundred people?

Let us see.

  • There are more chances for you to get a job in foreign countries, if you study your master degree in that location.
  • If that is not the case then you can get placement in any of the organization locally then try for abroad opportunities after gaining work experience.
  • Whatever may be the criteria, you must certainly be knowledgeable to fit the abroad job requirements. You can also get guidance from work abroad programs. They will let you know how the entire work abroad system works.
  • Certainly, you must contribute a lot for reaching the goal. Do some research online.
  • Know the list of countries where the job opportunities are high for NRI.
  • If you like to work in administrative jobs then Australia would be the best place. If you love travelling and want a job in tourism then this country stands first in the list.
  • Do you have a special interest and have graduated in the service industry? Then Ireland is recommended. You can start and pursue a job in the retail industry or in the hospitality sector or in restaurants in Ireland.
  • Interested to work in France? Then you must learn the language. Here, the marketing industry and lawyers service are mostly in job demand.
  • Working abroad provides a new lifestyle and great pleasure. You can avail the opportunities to travel abroad.

6. How to Prepare for the Interview?

For freshers attending the interview is a nightmare. But remember one thing, it is because of your hard work – you have prepared the resume, applied for the job, shortlisted to attend the interview. Getting selected to the job interview is one step further.

How to get a job as a fresher in India?

Now let us see the tips for it.

  • Look closely for the company’s requirements. Apart from your qualifications, the organization might demand several skills. You must be confident to face those skills tests with ease. For example, some companies want their employees to know about time management. Product manufacturing companies can ask the employees to work in rotational shifts. You must know those details beforehand.
  • You must go through the company’s history, the list of projects they handled, the company’s objectives etc. Search for the relevant information in the company’s website. Gather the data and keep it memorized before the interview date.
  • These days, businesses are using social media for enhancing their trade. Hence just spend some time to read their blogs and go through the company’s social media page.
  • By knowing the information, you can confidently make a conversation with the interviewer and you will be able to answer the questions like what do you know about the organization? Do you know about our company’s products?
  • Know about your strengths and weaknesses. Interviewer will try to know more about you via resume and through the information that you convey. Hence practice to answer for this question properly.
  • You will also get your turn to ask questions to the interviewer. And be prepared for it. Instead of asking questions like holidays or other unnecessary things, you need to ask proper, valid questions to them. The interviewer can validate your skills even through the questions you put-forth to them.

7. Things to Note During Group Discussion & Technical Interview:

The purpose of group discussion is to analyse your team spirit. Many times, you will be handling the projects as a group. Especially if you are seeking a job in the marketing industry or as management trainees, interacting with the team is most important. The recruiters will select only the potential candidates who are able to interact with others. As freshers, you will also be left to attend the group discussions during the interview.

How to get a job immediately after group discussion?

During the group discussion, you must follow certain rules and express your leadership skills and communication skills to the interviewer. This is the best way to grab their attention. Here the leadership skills don’t mean dominating the other candidates without allowing them to speak.

You must initiate the discussion based on the given group discussion topic. And after conveying your points preciously, you must allow others to contribute their perspective.

It is always good to avoid mentioning the dates, unless you are very clear about it. Do not bring religion, politics or race into the discussion. Your views must be neutral and upto the point without harming any other in the discussion room.

Secondly, you must be strong in communication. Before the interview, you must strengthen your vocabulary that will help you during the discussion. Observing from others and putting forth the same points will degrade your value among interviewers. Hence be careful with these things.

You must listen while other candidates are speaking. Your job doesn’t end after conveying your message. You must listen to others too. Later you can continue your message from the point where the other candidates left. This will lead to health discussion rather than pulling down each other’s legs.

You can research several group discussion topics online and gain some general awareness. If you include the recent happenings and your perspective for it will boost your values for the discussion.

These are the things that you must remember – clarity in speech while you convey your points, proper communication, getting response from other members in polite manner and handling the entire task with confidence.

8. Do's & Don’ts in the Interview:

For freshers, job hunting is a daunting task. And you couldn’t find a job after several attempts then certainly you are making a mistake somewhere. If you are in that situation and not aware of your mistakes, this is a high time to know about it. Analyse the mistakes and rectify them in upcoming interviews to get placed in a good company.

Fresher job openings – Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to the interview, your preparation will directly reflect on your confidence. If you are well prepared to face the interview questions then you can be more confident. Hence keep away the laziness and just prepare for the interview.

Try to make the best first impression as per the proverb “First impression is the best one”. You must go to the interview location before the specified time. It is not wrong to wait for some time in the interview place, instead of going late. This is a good first impression. Secondly, dress professionally which will increase your confidence. Have your resume and other necessary things required for the interview.

Talking about the don’ts – never be over smart and answer the questions by interrupting the interviewer. Do not communicate poorly. Improper communication will also degrade your value during the interview. And here is another significant thing to take care of, don’t give false information.

Many freshers might think that it is necessary to answer all the interview questions. If not, they won’t be placed in the organization. But that is not the case. It is acceptable even if you don’t know the answers for a few interview questions. Instead of giving false information, you can convince the recruiter by saying that you will learn things in future. And you will also pursue your knowledge in work.

There are high possibilities for you to get placed if you abide with these instructions.

9. Common Questions During the HR Interview:

Are you going to attend the interview for the first time? Here is the list of most commonly asked HR questions. You must be well prepared to answer these questions with confidence.

1. Can you introduce yourself?

This is one of the common HR questions through which the interviewer can know about yourself. And most probably this will be the first HR question. And through your answers, you are going to make the first impression. I can understand that it would be neck-wrecking. But by practising the answer, you can make a good (first) impression.

While answering this question, include niche points about studies, extra-curricular activities, areas of interest like sports, singing, dancing etc, how will you spend your leisure time in learning new things, your areas of achievements in college, how innovative are you.

2. Say about your strength and weakness

You must give a convincing, proper and honest answer. For example, if you say that I’m short-tempered and will get angry. It means you may lose your cool even while working with a team in the office. Do you think that interviewers like these sorts of answers? Certainly, they won’t. Instead, you can avoid answering in this way.

This is very tricky for freshers. But try to handle the question with ease. Be genuine while answering. And also remember to finish by saying that you are taking these steps to overcome the weakness. Explain it with actions you do in your daily life.

Common questions during the hr interview

3. Why are you applying for this job?

Interviewer is going to check your seriousness towards the job. Through your answers for this question, the recruiter will analyse whether you are fit for this job role or not. For example, if you give answers like I got shortlisted only for this job or I didn’t get any other job will reduce the impact. Therefore, think and practice the best possible answer for this question.

4. How will you handle work pressure?

This is one of the significant questions through which the recruiter will calculate your mental stability. Recently, due to emerging competition, employees are pushed to handle work pressure. However, it must decrease your physical or mental health.

While answering, remember to explain it with a proper example. In college days, you might have faced some critical situations where you might have left yourself to handle it. Say how positive those situations turned out to be, because of your calmness and presence of mind to face it positively.

10. Tips to Negotiate for a Salary as a Fresher:

Freshers will have hesitation to negotiate for salary. Whole interview process is totally new for them. And there are chances to get landed with a job with less salary. To avoid it, you can check online or the job portals where the job role and the salary range is specified. Or else, you can ask for a salary range in your networking group. Know about the salary components and what are provided by that company before accepting the offer letter. If you think that you are eligible for more salary then you can very well ask the HR about it.

Finally, coming to the end, here are a few questions through which you can apply for a job as freshers.

1.  How to get a job for a fresher engineer?

When it comes to engineering, it is challenging to find the right job that matches your studies. However, prepare the resume as per the tips given above. Expand your network with engineers and interact with them for knowing the job opening in any organization. You can also utilize Google for finding a job as a fresher engineer.

Communicating in the alumni community is also a good source for job hunting in the engineering industry. Adding to this, you can apply for internship in a reputable organization. You will learn many things related to work during the internship period. Later you can add it in your resume under achievements and search for a job based on it.

2. How to get a job as a fresher pilot?

To get a pilot job, you must plan well in advance (While studying in school itself). It is because there are lots of eligibility criteria set to become a pilot. Students must have completed 10th and 12th in a science stream. Secondly, students must have scored the minimum of 50% in 10th and 12th.

There are several types of pilot jobs - commercial pilots, military pilots and private pilots. And employment opportunities are also more in this industry. However, you must have passed several certification exams to become a pilot.

3. How to get a job machine learning as a fresher?

Machine learning is very similar to AI (Artificial Intelligence). This is one of the booming industries in recent era. In the future, machine learning will be highly required to make machines think and perform like humans. Pixel2 from Google has inbuilt machine learning mechanism which makes a world of difference from previous versions of pixels (Which has no machine learning technology).

Thus, freshers need to be more attentive in grasping information about latest technology and how it works to assist the real world. If you are tech-savvy then there is no doubt in getting a job in machine learning.

You can also do certification courses for machine learning in reputable institutions. Having a certificate is also an added benefit while searching for a job.

Well, now you have applied for an interview and done it. What is the next step? If you didn’t receive a call from the interviewer after the interview, just wait for a couple of days. Sometimes, the company might have decided to take up the interview, even for a month to select the best candidates.

Thus, waiting with patience is ideal. If you already know someone who is working in that company then you can ask them about the situation. Or else, wait for a call positively. The Hr may get irritated if you often call and ask for the interview results.

In 2020, due to pandemic situations, the interview process is disturbed totally. The freshers are attending the interview online. Moreover on-campus interviews and off-campus interviews are paused this year. Therefore, be so proactive to search and apply for jobs since the process became complicated. Follow these tips in the interview and get placed in a recognized organization.


1. How do I get a job with no experience?

It is difficult to find work without prior experience, but it is possible. Be realistic, but upbeat. Take a critical look at what you have to give, or enlist the support of a friend or a career services counsellor to help you examine your employment experience. Make it clear to others that you're yearning for new experiences.

2. What jobs can a fresher do?

Software Developer. Software developers and full-stack developers earn one of the highest salaries as freshers in India. 

  • Machine Learning Expert. 
  • Lawyer. 
  • Data Scientist. 
  • Doctor. 
  • Commercial Pilot. 
  • Civil Services Officer. 
  • Chartered Accountant.

3. Which job is best for freshers?

If you can't find a job in a good tech firm, they will be a fantastic place to start as a fresher. Their remuneration is reasonable. Corporations that focus on products: Google, Amazon, and Walmart are no longer the only companies to consider.

4. How can I get a job immediately?

Find jobs that fit your qualifications. Make a list of your job experience, education, and skills.

  1. Optimize your cover letter and resume. 
  2. Ask for help from your network. 
  3. Consider a temporary position.
  4. Research. 
  5. Interview questions.

5. Is Google hiring without degree?

There is no requirement for a degree or prior experience, as with other career certificates, according to Google. In reality, 61% of the students enrolling do not have a four-year degree. Skills and certifications like this can help with reselling and the ongoing learning that is required in the computer industry.

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