Which role to choose- Software developer or Full stack developer?

Which role to choose- Software developer or Full stack developer?

Should I pursue a career as a full stack developer or as a software developer? Isn't this the most common question that arises in the minds of all students? To answer this topic, we must first understand what a full stack developer and software developer perform. What is the difference between their methods of operation? Who has the higher salary? After reading this article, you should be able to decide if you want to be a full stack developer or a software developer.



Who is a software developer?

In order to create and maintain applications, frameworks, or other software components, software developers must go through the process of conceptualising, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and problem resolving.

Software development is the act of developing and maintaining source code, but it also encompasses everything that happens between the conception of a desired piece of software and its ultimate realisation, often in a planned and organised manner.

Software developer is not only a lucrative professional path, but it is also the most well-paid. However, a solid pay is not the only factor to consider while deciding on this professional route. Software developers are the creative forces behind the creation of numerous computer apps that assist users in performing a variety of tasks on computers.

As a result, the most significant attribute required of an individual in this sector is a desire to master various programming languages. So, if you're wondering how to become a software developer, we propose that you cultivate a passion for programming. It also necessitates the knowledge and mastery of numerous coding scripts.

Who is a full stack developer?

A full stack web development online course oversees the development of a website or web app's back end and front end. They are in charge of the database, the clients, the system engineering, and the design. Because of their talents and expertise in web development, full stack developers are in high demand. Because of this strong demand, full stack developers earn a high income when compared to other occupations.

A full stack developer is primarily responsible for the web stack, native application stack, and mobile stack. Full stack developers are in charge of the plan of action and maintain track of the project's progress since they are involved in both server and client side development.

They also aid other developers in their job, such as backend and frontend developers. They increase team productivity by allowing them to manage many tasks at once.

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Full Stack Developer Project

The greatest method to enhance your talents, exercise your knowledge, and become a skilled developer is to work on projects. It doesn't matter how many lessons, books, or podcasts you watch or listen to. You will never improve if you do not practise and construct projects.

This is also an excellent approach to get out of tutorial hell. The process of creating excellent projects can spare you from having to constantly follow tutorials. This is also significant in terms of your portfolio. Having great projects under your belt might open doors for you and help you advance in your profession.

Here are some of full stack developer projects given below,


Many firms and entrepreneurs are going to the E-commerce industry these days. These days, having the competence and aptitude to design effective and high-converting e-commerce websites is critical.

Building an e-commerce site will teach you a lot of things. If you want to learn full-stack web programming, this is a wonderful project to work on. It doesn't have to be a complicated project; simply a basic website where consumers can explore various things in various categories would suffice.

You'll also need to include a shopping cart system so that consumers may add items to their carts and buy them. There are a few other things that you will need to include as well.


This is another excellent job to have in your portfolio. Every website nowadays needs a blog. As a full-stack developer, knowing how to construct one is a must-have talent.

There should be a homepage, a post page, and a contact page on the website. You may design a grid layout for your blog entries using CSS grid. As a result, readers will see the blog entries you've written and will be able to click on each one to see the post's content page.

For this sort of project, there are a variety of tech stacks to choose from. Simply select the one that is known to you and meets your requirements.


This is one of the most talked-about full-stack projects. It's an excellent project for learning a variety of abilities as a full-stack developer.

You can make a nice-looking chat web application that allows users to talk privately in real-time. Users should also be able to register an account and communicate in groups.

This project will teach you a variety of skills, including real-time data transfer, authentication, security, and more. You can use whatever technology stack you wish. The Mern stack is now the most popular, but if you're familiar with it, you can also use reactjs and Firevbase+firestore.

Full stack developement projects


Because of the lockdown, everyone began to utilise Zoom in 2020. These days, it's a popular video conferencing programme.

As you can see, you can also make a zoom clone that lets users chat in groups in real time using their microphones and webcams. This is a fantastic project for a novice to help them enhance their skills. Socket.io/WebRTC is a common tech stack for this sort of project.


In today's world, everyone uses at least one social networking web app. If you want to learn full-stack development, this is a good project to start with. The goal is to design a social media app (web or mobile) that allows users to establish accounts and interact with other app users.

Users should be able to post and comment on other users' postings, search for and add friends, and interact with other users. If you like, you may also add some other features. As a result, by working on this project, you will gain valuable experience in areas such as app performance, security, user experience, and more. You can also use any tech stack that you're comfortable with and meets your requirements.

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Software Developer Project

Projects in software development are an important element of a Software Engineer's/professional Developer's path. If you don't put your software development knowledge and talents to the test, they'll be of little or no value to you. This is why, after completing their official education, Software Developers are eager to begin working on software development projects.

In today's business, you must have a few software development projects under your belt if you want to acquire a lucrative career in the field of software development.

In reality, practically all potential employers will question whether you have any unique programming project ideas and if you have worked on any real-world development projects during interviews for Software Development job opportunities. These projects can potentially be used as suggestions for IT students' final year projects.

1. Android task management

This project is specifically created to make it easier to track and monitor the day-to-day activities of modern living. We are currently so preoccupied with our everyday lives that keeping track of our daily events, meetings, and appointments has become impossible. To solve this problem, this project aims to provide an Android Weekly Task Alerting System that can notify users of tasks/appointments that are scheduled for each day of the week.

The project is basically a reminder software that uses an AI chatbot to remind users of all of their daily obligations. This tool allows users to establish and fulfill objectives, enhancing productivity and simplifying their life.


The goal of this project is to create a sentiment analysis system for product evaluation. It's a web-based e-commerce programme. This sentiment analysis system's major purpose is to decipher consumers' hidden feelings in feedback and comments, as well as evaluate their product rating trends.

The sentiment analysis system analyses the opinions of various users and ranks items appropriately when registered consumers use this app to explore products, product characteristics, and comment on different products. The technology makes use of a sentiment-based keyword database (including positivity or negativity weight).

As a result, when a user leaves a comment on a product, the sentiment analysis system examines the keywords in the remark to see if they match the keywords in the database. The method evaluates a product as good, terrible, or very awful after assessing the matches against positive and negative keywords and feelings. As a result, consumers may use this app to find product reviews.


This project is a desktop programme that authenticates users using their fingerprints. Because each person's fingerprint is unique, using a fingerprint as a form of authentication to use your ATM is safer and more secure than using an ATM card. Users do not need to carry their ATM cards with them at all times since they can access ATM services using their fingerprint.

Users must log in to their accounts using their fingerprints in order to utilise the fingerprint-based ATM system. After signing in and entering their unique pin, users may do a variety of financial operations, including cash withdrawals, money transfers, and checking their account balance. Additionally, customers may see their account's latest five transactions.

4. Employee management system with advanced features

Massive corporations and organizations usually have a large army of human resources working for them. In situations when there are a large number of human employees to manage, it becomes difficult to effectively oversee and manage human resource tasks. Such businesses/organizations require a sophisticated personnel management system that can handle all aspects of the company's human resources.

The goal of this project is to create an employee management system that collects and organises all pertinent information about a company's human resources. Admin and Employee are the two key components. The Admin is in charge of the company's information, leave management, and payroll, as well as the ability to add and change personal information.

Employees may also utilise the system to check their leave status, see their salary information, see their yearly vacation schedule, and file grievances or quit. This might be one of the IT students' final year project ideas.


When it comes to communication and imaging systems, the greatest level of security must be implemented. There is a huge risk to sensitive data if there isn't a trustworthy and secure system in place. Cybercriminals and hackers are always on the hunt for methods to breach personal data, putting it at danger.

This project aims to develop a comprehensive picture encryption system based on the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm to protect imaging systems against intrusion assaults and digital image abuse. Because the technology encrypts the photographs with the AES technique, only the recipient and sender can see them. This encryption method is more secure than DES and triple DES.

What are the advantages of becoming full stack developer 

Hiring a full-stack developer to supervise your project from conception through launch and beyond has several benefits.

1. Accomplished web/app developers

Full-stack developers have the credentials and expertise to introduce game-changing innovations to your product that will entice customers. Professionals may oversee the entire stack from start to finish. You will need to rely on such knowledge if you want to see any return on your effort. Not everyone has the abilities to take care of your web project from all angles.

2. Versatility

A full-stack developer can work on both the front-end and back-end of a website. Back-end engineers create prototype code that connects your website to other CMS systems. Front-end developers write scripts that govern the look and interaction of a website in a browser (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

Both of these jobs are performed by a full stack developer. The specialists are goal-oriented, always anticipating the needs of their customers and devising solutions without relying on others.

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3. Extensive Knowledge

A large number of full-stack developers have worked on a variety of online projects. They have in-depth expertise in web and app development as a result of their experience. As a result, you can anticipate their advice to be extremely valuable to your project's performance and market response in the long term.

advantages for full stack developer

4. The overall image

The key benefit of hiring a full-stack developer is that they can assist with the entire design structure and offer feedback at any level. Their services extend beyond web creation to include system maintenance and optimization.

5. Up-gradation

According to a recent survey, web design was the primary reason individuals liked or disliked a website. Professional full-stack developers will improve the usability of your online project.

They are well-versed in the most recent technical advancements. They may incorporate smart elements into your project to ensure that your clients receive the most responsive and dynamic website possible.

Full Stack Developer Skills

  • Working with media queries and single-page apps is a must.
  • They should be familiar with web frameworks such as Django or Node JS.
  • They should have spent a lot more time using MySQL and mongodb.
  • They should have a fundamental grasp of how to create hybrid mobile apps.
  • Can transfer contexts from one domain to another while still completing duties on time.

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What are the advantages of becoming software developer 

Being a software developer has several advantages, including high pay, respect, the ability to work from home, and the ability to create your own company. However, there are drawbacks, such as being anxious, overworking oneself, and sitting for long periods of time, but there are techniques to reduce these drawbacks.

It Is Profitable

This should not be your primary motivation for pursuing a career as a software developer. Because becoming a software engineer necessitates effort and enthusiasm, you should only consider pursuing a career in software engineering if you have a genuine interest in the field. However, it is true that working as a software developer may be lucrative.

Software developer are well-liked and well-respected

Software developers are often well-liked for their work. After all, it's not simple to become a software developer. It necessitates a high level of skill and talent, as well as the ability to secure a solid job or even an internship. People like software engineers because they are committed, hardworking, bright, smart, and skillful.

You Have More Options

Software developers may frequently work from home since they are not required to be at a certain area to complete their tasks. While some employment roles need you to be physically present, many others allow you to work from anywhere. You can have a more flexible schedule and spend more time with your family if you can work remotely.

Not only that, but you might be able to obtain remote employment as a software engineer by moving to another town, city, state, or nation. In summary, being a software engineer provides you with a level of autonomy that you won't find in many other occupations.

You Can Start Your Own Business

You may start working on your own side hustle project if you know what you're doing. You may establish your own company or create new software for organisations to employ. Being a software developer allows you to not only get a wonderful career working for a corporation, but also to start your own business.

You Develop Important Skills

As a software developer, you will have the opportunity to hone your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. You may be assigned to a team, which will allow you to hone your teamwork abilities as well as your ability to collaborate with people and handle conflicts.

You may also perform some work on your own, which will drive you to build your independence and allow you to tackle difficulties and come up with answers on your own.

Finally, you'll improve your patience and learn how to manage stress. Regardless of the project you're working on, you're bound to run across unanticipated delays, defects, and other issues. You'll learn patience, how to deal with unforeseen difficulties, and how to deal with stress.

In a nutshell, becoming a software developer offers several advantages, including a high pay, respect, the freedom to work remotely, the chance to establish your own firm, and the opportunity to get valuable experience.

Software Developer Skills
  1. The ability to analyze complex technical information
  2. The ability to analyze business requirements and assess impact within the existing database architecture
  3. Ability to do research
  4. Be a fantastic problem solver.
  5. Have expertise in JavaScript, Linux/Unix, Perl, Shell, Java, Ruby, php, Python, Hands-On SQL, Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Node.js, or at least a working knowledge of them.
  6. Working with source code and a version repository is a plus.
  7. Know how to use UI Toolkits and Frameworks

Full Stack Developer Salary in India

A full stack developer's annual base pay in India is 582,650 rupees.

This figure might range between INR 1400K and INR 300K.

  • Base salary - Rs.275K - Rs.1M
  • Bonus - Rs.10K - Rs.203K
  • Profit Sharing - R.0 - Rs.35K
  • Total Pay - Rs.275K - Rs.1M

Salary Based on Experience

There is no denying that experience plays a significant factor in determining your income. A solid work history with a reputable firm provides you an advantage over many newcomers.

A full-stack developer salary in India for a fresher is ₹370,000.

A full-stack developer with early-level experience of 1-4 years earns a standard of ₹553,000 annually.

An employee with mid-level experience of 5-9 years can secure about INR 10-14 lakhs.

Salary is determined by the location of service.

Many of India's leading recruiters have offices in major cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi. This has a big impact on the compensation of a full stack developer in India.

The following is the projected average income of a full stack web developer with early year experience in these locations:

Cities                 Average Salary (INR)

Bangalore         ₹700K / yr

Hyderabad        ₹702K / yr

Pune                 ₹701K / yr

Chennai            ₹650K / yr

Salary Based on Your Skills

The quantity of skills a full stack web developer is trained in influences his or her compensation in a variety of ways. It's not just about the quantity, but also about the quality. Many elements play a role in determining a full stack web developer's compensation in India under the area of skill set.

  • The average pay for a Full Stack Web Developer with JavaScript is RS.596,010
  • The average pay for a Full Stack Web Developer with React.js abilities is RS.565,490
  • A Full Stack Developer with python Skills earns an average of Rs.337,030 per year.
  • A Full Stack Web Developer with Angular Skills earns an average of RS.926,643 a year.
  • A Full Stack Developer with Node.js abilities can expect to earn RS.599,990 on average.

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Software Developer Salary in India

The average compensation for a Software developer in India is 0.8 million rupees per year.

Salary Based on Experience

As a person's degree of experience grows, so does their compensation as a Software Engineer. The table below shows the typical wage structure for a software engineer depending on years of experience and service or product-based enterprises.

Experience           Salary

Less than 1 year  1.1M/year

1-4 years             1.3M/year

5-9 years              2.2M/year

10-19 years          3.0M/year

Software Engineer / Developer Salary in India: Based on Job Titles
  • Senior software engineer – INR 475K – INR 2 million
  • Software developer – INR 200K – INR 1 million
  • A senior software developer or programmer – INR 415k – INR 2 million
  • The team leader of an IT team – INR 480K – INR 2 million
  • Information technology consultant – INR 392k – INR 2 million
  • Website developer – INR 120k – INR 778k 
  • Software engineer or developer or programmer – INR 230K – INR 1 million 
  • Associate software engineer – INR 235k – INR 1 million
  • Java Developer – INR 200k – INR 1 million
  • Lead software engineer – INR 730k – INR 2 million

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  • Create dynamic, aesthetically appealing, end-to-end, and unique software products/apps that include both front-end and back-end functionality.
  • Capable of creating a user's experience, interactivity, responsive design, and entire architecture.
  • Working knowledge of databases, servers, APIs, version control systems, and third-party applications
  • Provide feedback on how to enhance the system and add/remove features as needed.
  • Continuous improvement, performance optimization, stability, and scalability are all part of the design strategy.
  • Manage a team of developers and maintain effective communication with them in order to improve the product roadmap and performance.
  • Lead a team of developers, designers, and network managers to guarantee that digital solutions meet corporate goals.
  • Keep up with the latest development tools, frameworks, methods, and architectures.
  • Transform business requirements into a finished product from concept to implementation.
  • During the test and production stages, ensure cross-platform compatibility and resolve bugs.
  • Working with clients to understand their needs.
  • Troubleshooting and testing software
  • Once a system is up and operating, it must be maintained.
  • Participating in technological design.
  • Make software components work together.
  • Creating code that is efficient.

Full-stack engineers have complete access to all aspects of a web application. They can assist their teammates in resolving challenges in their respective sectors. A complete stack developer, for example, may tackle design challenges and promote a front-end developer in this respect.


Software engineers have restricted access since they are solely responsible for a single area of an application. That isn't to say they don't collaborate with the rest of the team.

Full Stack vs Software Engineer, Which One Would You Choose?

It's difficult to decide if you want to be a full stack developer or software developer. However, we trust that the distinctions we mentioned in the preceding paragraphs would be of use to you in this respect. Keep in mind that both of these jobs are extremely lucrative and fascinating. Full stack developers as well as software engineers are in high demand.

Take a look at your fields of interest before deciding between the two. What do you find more intriguing? Apps vs. Websites You can build powerful web apps as a full stack developer, but you can design sophisticated programmes as a software engineer. Make a decision based on your passions.

The topic between full stack developer or software developer is huge, as you may have noted throughout this blog.


1. Who earns more full stack developer or software engineer?

When you're full-stack, you have a better chance of absorbing insight and information. Software engineering, on the other hand, has a marginally higher demand and pay at the moment, as well as more runway. Salary in the full stack is 6,55,360 per year. Embedded software engineers, on the other hand, could gain an extra 25% on top of that.

2. Which is better full stack developer or software developer?

The term "software developer" was commonly used to describe those involved in the development of software, whether it was system programming, web programming, or some other type of software development operation. We have two types of specializations in web development: front-end development (which includes UI, UX, CSS, HTML, CSS, and so on) and back-end development (that consists of server-side technology). People used to be able to master every invention of their choosing. A new word, "full-stack developer," has been coined to describe anyone who can work on both sides of the software development process. We might also call him a "generalist" software developer.

3. Is full stack developer a good career?

Nowadays, the world is moving toward automation, and businesses are becoming less reliant on human interaction and more at ease with software.In today's scenarios, software with open APIs that support all types of integrations is the most common and widely used. With companies like Google, Facebook, and others providing open APIs, it is now a requirement for any company to invest in such apps and CRM. The most commonly used software languages are PHP and Java, with Python, R, and node.js following closely behind. Yeah, it is unquestionably a gold mine as a career choice!

4. Are full stack developers in demand?

In recent years, full-stack development has gotten a lot of attention. There has been a lot of discussion about full-stack developers' potential reach and how this position could change the business game for companies all over the world. Because of the growing demand for seamless technology, developers can now work on both the back-end and front-end, as well as a variety of other related fields.

Organizations benefit greatly from full-stack developers. They are well-versed in a variety of technology and are capable of resolving issues in a variety of software and web development sources. Companies are specifically looking for full-stack developers that can build applications from the ground up and participate actively in the development process.

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