Which role to choose- Software developer or Full stack developer?
Full Stack Web Developer


Full stack developer? Software engineer/developer? Who are they? What’s the difference?Should I become full stack developer? Should I try for software engineer jobs? These are common questions that come to every student’s mind. We’ll try to comprehensively address these questions in this article.

To answer these questions we should know who are these full stack developer? What does a software engineer do? What’s the difference in work? Who gets better paid and more. Armed with this knowledge you may take a decision to be a software engineer. 

What does a full stack developer do?

A full stack developer is exactly that- they work with a stack of technologies and work across all the layers of web development. They can work across multiple layers and be involved in the complete process of building a web app or a web site. The full stack development frameworks are used to ease development of front-end and back-end technologies.

Then there are other full stack development tools for features like database , say AWS DynamoDB etc, package managers, plug-ins, servers, APIs and many more. If you are thinking of becoming a full stack developer, check out the full stack developer course offered by our institute

Which role to choose- Software developer or Full stack developer?

What does a software engineer do?

A software developer/engineer is a broad term in it’s own right. It can mean that the company is looking for someone with design skills or writing and maintain software for running on computers. There is no relation to the end-user. Software developers thus work only on one layer of the development process.

They build and develop software that are user-focused, like database programs, operating system, and even the web browsers. Software engineers also have extensive programming language knowledge, and operating systems and they apply their learning to create customized applications for their individual clients. 

Full Stack Web Developer course

Salary of a full stack developer

The average salary of a full stack developer is Rs.5,00,000/-per annum. With experience and mastery of more skills, you can expect substantial increase to your salary. Know more about negotiating a better salary of a full stack web developer. To strengthen your resume, develop a good full stack portfolio and get a certification by taking up an online course on full stack development course. This is a great value addition to your resume.

Salary of a software engineer

The average salary of a software developer is about Rs.2,50,000/-per annum. There will be salary increase along with expertise and experience. 

Skills of a full stack web developer

Front-end development technologies 

Back-end development technologies

SQL and NoSQL databases

AWS suite

Package managers

Version control system




And many more… The list is almost never ending and each additional skill that you learn along with your core skills will set you apart from other candidates

Read more: Front-end developer skills

                         Back-end developer skills

Software developer or Full stack developer?

Skills of a software developer

Programming skills

Computer science fundamentals

Design and architecture

Information analysis

Data structures and algorithms

Testing software

Debugging software

Team player

Intuitive problem solving 

Operating system

And more….

When it comes to the skills of the software developer, what matters the most is their expertise in coding. The more languages you know, the better. A programmer will be expected to know a handful of the more popular languages like Java, Python, C,C++, Perl, Ruby, and so on.

What’s with the titles? How important are they in job search?

Every job listing needs a description and a title. Ait is your designation in the organization where you are employed. The requirements of every company differs, and as such, the skills and the proficiency requires differs as well. Every company has their own definition for terms like software developer, software engineer, and full stack web developer. 

So when searching for a job, you should look at job titles but more importantly, you should look for the skills profile and search for a match. You will be able to apply for jobs that are more appropriate for your skill set. This will reduce the chances of your application for a job being rejected.


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