Top 17 career options after B.Tech in 2023

Top 17 career options after B.Tech in 2023

Career options after B.Tech for every engineering graduate in 2023

A degree in B.Tech (also known as engineering degrees) is one of the most popular fields of education these days.  But what to do after studying B.Tech? Which course or programme should you study after B.Tech that will help you get a job in future? What kind of job opportunities are available after completing B.Tech? These are some of the most common questions that engineering students often ask. 

If you have been looking for a “suitable career option after B.Tech”, you have come to the right place because here, in this blog,  you will find a comprehensive list of professions to choose after a B.Tech degree. This complete guide will help you make a well-informed decision and pursue a perfect career. 

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Table of content:

  1. Full stack development
  2. Data science
  3. AI and block chain
  4. Banking
  5. Higher studies in India
  6. Higher studies abroad
  7. Management
  8. Digital marketing
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Civil service
  11. Jobs in PSUs
  12. Artist
  13. Blogging/freelancing photography/short-film making
  14. Short-term course
  15. Internships
  16. Campus placement
  17. Guidance from career counsellors

Full stack development

A full stack development job is one of the most in-demand and the highest paying jobs in product- and service-based companies. According to, a full stack developer can earn on average INR 700–800K PA. (you can check Crampete’s analysis of full stack developers salary in India) This job requires a person to work as both a front-end and back-end developer and be involved in every stage of developing user-facing websites.

As more and more companies focus on building websites for their businesses, full-stack developers are required in large numbers to provide complete support in website and application development. This job does not  face much competition so there is a good chance for you to choose this as a career after engineering. 

B.Tech engineers who have knowledge of programming languages can choose to work as full stack developers. However, students without any prior experience in coding but who want to work as developers can also take up full stack development as a fruitful career. 

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Data science

Data science refers to the study of data. Different industries and businesses rely on data of their clients and customers; therefore, there is a great demand for professionals who work with data as data scientists, data analysts, data architects, and data administrators.

Although most of these roles overlap, the key skills required to be a data science expert are business analysis acumen and interest in developing various software products and machine learning models. 

The demand for data science professionals has been rapidly growing. An official report from shows that the demand for data scientists increases by 29% year-on-year. ( you can check data scientist salaries in India here according to our Crampete’s R & D team)  So there is a great chance for you to consider data science and machine learning as your career after B.Tech.

If you have a B.Tech in civil or mechanical engineering and want to switch over to a new field, then data science could be the perfect choice for you. A few ways to begin your career as a fresher in data science are as follows:

  • Work as a trainee data scientist for a company.
  • Start with some paid internships on data science and machine learning.
  • Network with people from the data science industry on LinkedIn and other portals.
  • Take up online certification in data science.
  • Attend workshops or conferences on data science to know more about the domain.
  • Follow company websites that have data-driven business models.

Although this field is still evolving, the salary trends are still the highest. The salary of a data scientist in India is around INR 700K on average []

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Artificial intelligence and block chain

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to perform tasks that normally humans would do, and blockchain refers to a decentralized network that keeps record of all types of data and transactions and displays them on a ledger system. The AI and block chain pair is considered to be one of the most disruptive technologies.

According to an official report, the global AI industry is expected to increase by $118.6 billion dollar by 2025 . Any organization that deals with a lot of data needs blockchain support to analyze, process, and store data. 

If you have a B.Tech in cse, ece, or IT, you can consider AI and block chain to be your next move as a suitable career pathway. Block chain developers are required in healthcare, banking, supply chain management, education, and even in government agencies. Based on a report from glassdoor, the average pay for a blockchain developer in India is around INR 700–900K PA. The payscale increases with experience and based on the industry you work with.


Banking is still considered a much sought-after career for students across  various disciplines like science, arts, and commerce, immediately after their graduation. There are primarily two reasons why banking jobs are so popular:

  • Provide long-term job security 
  • Offer a better salary package. 

Besides this, there are other reasons why banking could be a good non technical career option after engineering:

  • Banking sectors have increasingly adopted new technologies and thus professionals like engineers who can follow the latest trends in technology are required in banking.
  • Engineers possess analytical skills, thus they can easily fit into the role of a banker. 
  • One of the major assets that engineers possess is communication skill, which makes it possible for them to fit into the role of a banking personnel. 

Higher studies in India

If you have an academic personality and want to study further after your B.Tech in India, then you can opt for examinations like GATE. GATE is the doorway to reputed Indian institutions like the IITs, to study M.Tech or MS programmes immediately after B.Tech. If you are a B.Tech graduate from the IIT and want to study M.Tech elsewhere in India without appearing for GATE, you can look for some private universities.

Many engineering colleges in India, such as CMR Institute of Hyderabad, College of Engineering, Roorkee, and Brainware University, Kolkata, offer plenty of advanced study options to enhance your career graph. 

Higher studies abroad 

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Higher studies abroad is a dream for not just engineering graduates but also for those who wish to get international exposure after their 10th or 12th grades.

However, for a B.Tech graduate with a cse, ece, eee, or biotechnology degree in India, there are scores of programmes available at universities abroad. Higher studies abroad after engineering include options like integrated, postgraduate, or diploma programmes in mechanical engineering, computer science, bio technology, civil engineering, and so on. Even B.Com graduates can look for opportunities abroad to study, especially in countries like Canada, Ireland, and the UK. The major requirement for studying abroad is to crack competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT, depending on what you want to study.


Getting a degree in management is another option for B.Tech students. Many employers prefer individuals with experience in both MBA and engineering compared with individuals who have just engineering degrees. Therefore, the combined degree adds a lot of value to their profiles by blending analytical and managerial skills.  A person with both a B.Tech and MBA degree has the advantage of working with some of the largest global companies. 

Digital marketing

A digital marketer is the backbone of a website-run business. Digital marketing is a broad term and comprises other niche domains like Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing that influence revenue growth of a business.

People from various backgrounds have been increasingly getting attracted to this lucrative profession. Online certification or distance education courses on digital marketing give an opportunity for everyone to venture into this domain. This field is also popular amongst B.Tech graduates. Digital marketing was a popular field in 2023 as well, and it has evolved rapidly within a year. Freshers in this field can expect to earn anywhere between INR 40k and 60K monthly on average. 

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top career option after 2021


According to, there are around 582 million entrepreneurs in the world. More and more people across different age groups and countries switch over to entrepreneurship for a number of reasons, such as personal satisfaction, higher income, better work-life balance, and the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world. 

As a graduate if you feel that you want to run your business and be your own boss, then this is a good career option for you. All you need is a unique business idea and gradually learn to sustain your business in the long run. Some of the emerging entrepreneurial initiatives include food technology, waste management, home care services, etc.

Civil service

Civil service examination is yet another choice for fresh engineering graduates who want to follow a different route. A civil service profession is a highly respected one in the society, and these professionals receive many privileges during their tenure of employment. 

Some of the popular civil service examinations that you can appear for include: 

  • All India Services like IAS and IPS.
  • Central [Group A] services like IFS, IPoS, IRPS, IRPFS, IRS-IT, etc.
  • Group A services like PCS, AFHCS, etc.

Jobs in PSUs

PSU stands for Public Sector Undertaking. Companies that are partially owned by the state or central or both government sectors fall in the PSU category. These jobs are available either on a permanent or contractual or temporary basis. 

If you are looking for PSU jobs, you can apply in the following companies – BHEL, NALCO, LIC, Hindustan Copper Limited, Indian Government Mint, etc. 

PSUs appoint employees based on two categories: with a valid GATE score and without a GATE score. Some of the PSUs that hire employees based on GATE results include SAIL, Indian Oil, Vizag Steel, ONGC, DRDO, and NALCO. Therefore, B.Tech graduates can take up such exams for government jobs in PSU sectors. 


There are many unconventional career options after engineering that one can look for, and art happens to be one of those. 

You can choose to be a performing artist, theatre artist, graphic artist, musician, painter, dancer, etc. Moreover, stand up gigs or comedy shows are considered to be another form of art of expressing oneself.

Think about it! Two advantages of choosing this career are – firstly, you do what you love doing the most and eventually master your skills. Secondly, you have the freedom to express your creativity. 

Blogging/freelance photography/short film making 

Writing is another form of artistic profession that B.Tech graduates can think of. You do not need any extraordinary skills to be a blogger; all you need is to polish your language skills [depending on which language you want to write in], identify your area of interest you want to blog about, and read a lot. 

Likewise, freelance photography is another lucrative career option. This field is increasingly becoming popular. According to, the average hourly pay for freelance photography is around 400K.

Short-film makers or video creators are all over the world. With the invention of YouTube by three former paypal employees, this platform has amassed a huge pool of content and ideas from different parts of the world. In India alone, there are over 225 million monthly active users who watch or upload content on YouTube using mobile phones alone [].

Therefore, you can imagine how effective this platform could be to share your thoughts or content. With the number of tools available for video editing, subtitling, sound engineering, it is possible for anyone, including B.Tech graduates, to explore the field of movie making easily. 

Short-term course

Not all B.Tech graduates would like to study further and it is completely ok to think so. There are many short-term courses that one can look for after B.Tech. Short-term courses act as an alternative pathway to enter an organization, for example, a 6-month course in data science and machine learning can land a B.Tech graduate into a high-profile organization with a  good starting salary.

Advantages of short-term courses are that they are mostly cheaper than any other full-time courses and you can study the course from the comfort of your home.


Internships are open to people from all spheres of life – a home-maker, a starter, or someone who had a career break. Similarly, as a fresh B.Tech graduate, you can intern at an organization of your choice and slowly turn that opportunity into a full-time employment. Interning is a good way to learn new skills on the job. However, you have to decide whether you want a paid or unpaid internship. 

Campus placement

There are plenty of companies that hire B.Tech graduates via on-campus placements in colleges and universities. Therefore, if you are thinking what to do after engineering, try to find out if your college or university has a placement cell and speak to them to know what kind of companies visit your campus. Please note that while hiring on-campus, most interviewers consider a lot of factors such as your CGPA or GPA, assignments, projects, etc. 

career options after graduate engineering in 2021

Guidance from career counsellors 

Most of the institutes have dedicated career counselling teams. Seek help from a career counsellor if you are confused with too many different choices. If you do not have a counsellor to help you out, seek help from someone in your family and friends who you think can give you a clearer idea about your career plan. Or you can call us at 91 9384058988 to talk to our career counsellors to get the best career help. 

Hope the above list of options helps clear your confusion and gives you an idea on what should be your next steps including selecting short term courses after btech. Please remember that every career involves some pros and cons and challenges. You must figure out which career is the most suitable for you and learn to embrace all the challenges. 


1. What are the best career options after btech?

  • Write Gate & do 
  • Apply abroad for M.S by writing GRE & TOEFL ,
  • Go & write CAT to join for MBA in IIMs ,
  • Write Group -I /Gr.-2 services of the State to join as an officer in State Govt.,
  • Write Central civil services exam to join IAS/IFS/IRS/IPS

2. What should I do after btech high salary?

Best Career Options After Engineering. 1) Higher Studies. 2) Public Service Undertakings. 3) Management. 4) Entrepreneurship. 5) Campus Placements. 6) Become an Expert. 7) Civil Services. 8) Look for internships. 9) Enter the private sector. 10) Get a certification. 11) Join the Indian Armed Forces.Create Your Path.

3. How can I earn money after btech?

After completing a Bachelor of Technology, the only option to get money is to find a good position in the government or private sector. Depending on their stream, B. Tech holders find work in IT firms, automobile companies, and construction companies.

4. What if I don't get a job after btech?

If you are still unable to find work, you have the following options: Prepare for a master's degree in engineering or a master's degree in business administration. Prepare for government jobs such as ssc, bank clerk, and bank PO, among others. Work on your technical abilities and keep looking for work (you still have a decent chance of landing a job as a fresher within 8–9 months after graduating).

5. What is salary after b tech?

The average annual salary for a graduate in Bachelor of Technology [B. Tech] ranges from INR 2,50,000 to INR 40,00,000 for higher ranking colleges (IITs, NITs etc.), placement packages range from INR 6,00,000 to as high as INR 1,50,00,000 for deserving candidat

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