Web Development Trends 2020

Web development and its technologies are always a trending topic. The trends keep changing every year and sometimes, every half a year. There is a lot of demand for new technologies and the trends are consistently changing.  With this demand, there are a lot of new technologies and becoming a full stack web developer has never been easier.

Let's see what are the current web trends in the middle of 2019. A lot of these technologies are new and being experimented on. One thing that most of them have in common is that they are a part of Full stack web development tools or have their application in full stack web development. All the tools related to this technology can be learnt through our Full Stack offline course in a simple manner. Ai based chatbots

Artificial Intelligence

It is as its name suggests. The technology is about software that thinks intelligently, just like a human. In a bid to automate processes, more and more companies are exploring their options with artificial intelligence based solution. The scope of AI is from marketing to medical research. The most common application is developing chatbots. 

AI-based voice chatbots Virtual personal Assistants programs that are voice enabled are called voice chatbots. Popular examples are Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana.  These voice chatbots are called using voice commands. The user interacts with the chatbot using their natural language. The chatbot answers using a text or pre-recorded voice message. 

AI-based chatbots The messenger bots are present on multiple platforms like web-based messengers. Now, this has extended to SMS as well. The user interacts with the chatbot via text and typing and/or selection of predefined options. The chatbots are similar to the voice chatbots but the key difference is their ability to be present in various web spaces, synchronised across devices.  Learn to build chatbots in an easy way with full stack web development. 

This technology along with voice and chatbots has transformed the user experience. They have guaranteed uniformity across various channels like website, voice, and chat-based services. They have also improved the productivity of an organization with their 24*7 availability. This is what appeals to the masses on the web and makes it wildly successful and a trending topic this season.

Data security and Cybersecurity  The idea is to protect data from unwanted access and corruption. The objective of data security is to protect digital data and prevent cyber attack or breach. Whereas, cybersecurity is the technique used to ensure that data is secure.  Data security and cybersecurity are not the same but very closely interlinked to each other.

Cybersecurity is considered as a means to ensure data security. Cybersecurity protects the integrity of programs and networks and their data.  This field is another that undergoes a revolution periodically, as and when new technologies are introduced. The ever-increasing loads and the shift to cloud-based applications has introduced scope for innovation in this otherwise tried and tested field.

Web Assembly A web app that does not compromise on performance is a dream. Or is it? Web Assembly is a new language in binary format. It was introduced in 2015.  You can code and debug in a readable text format. Web Assembly is an improvement on JavaScript and takes lesser time to compile. Using Binary means the app sizes are smaller. This reduces loading time and improves performance greatly.  It provides a compile target for other languages with first-class binary support across the web. It has applications everywhere in the web technology sphere including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 

JavaScript  This technology has been on the trending list for some time and it is here to stay. One of the basic building blocks of everything web related it is a must learn programming language for every aspiring full stack web developer.  Javascript based web development tools like frameworks and libraries, for example, Angular, React and NodeJS is still in demand. This is a language which can be used to build client-side as well as write scripts on the server side.  

Full stack web development frameworks

MEAN Stack with AngularJS  The most popular stack under use today, MEAN stack has a wide following on the full stack web development platforms. It is also super easy to find a MEAN Stack tutorial course online. The components of MEAN stack is MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. As you can see, this is a javascript based framework. 

In this framework, there are a few variants- MERN and MEVN. MEN is common to these stacks. MongoDB is the database.  Express.js is the library and Node.js is the server-side framework. Angular.js, the front-end technology is the final main piece of this stack.

MERN Stack with ReactJS This is a variation of MEAN stack. The angular.js framework is replaced by react.js

MEVN Stack with VueJS  This is a variation of MEAN stack. The angular.js framework is replaced by vue.js 

Django This is a full stack framework written in Python. It is mainly used in server scripting. This is used to create complex and data-driven web sites. L

aravel Laravel is a full stack framework which is written in PHP. It makes complicated web development processes like routing, caching and authentication easy. All these stack components involve multiple languages and you have to be an expert in at least one stack components completely. You can take some online courses which offer Full Stack Web development as a package. In addition, you can follow a road map to full stack web development to figure out what skills you need.

Motion UI Motion UI is a standalone library. It is a SASS library which is used to create animations and transitions for the CSS framework -Foundation. It is equipped with flexible CSS codes that will work well with Javascript.  This technology allows us to build more expressive user interfaces. These animations and transitions is otherwise an exhausting and time-consuming task. Use Motion UI to bypass design your interface and improve your product web site.

Full Stack Web Developer course

Progressive web pages Progressive web apps are web pages. They look and load like other web pages and sites. Unlike the other pages, PWA has high levels of functionality. They give you a native mobile experience. It is fast yet affordable. This makes it ideal for small companies. 

The progressive web pages also support interactions with users. Many times, users don't even realise that they are not in the browser part anymore! It loads instantly whatever the network and browser. They are fast even where the network connection is poor.

Single page application (SPA) Single Page Application is a javascript based web application. It is a performance booster. It is used to build responsive mobile apps and responsive web sites. SPA minimises interruptions and reduces loading time. It rewrites the current web page dynamically rather than loading an entire new page from the web server.

Javascript based frameworks have adopted many of the single page applications principles. Ajax is most popular for building Single page applications. The downside of the SA model is the implementation of search engine optimization. The current workarounds for the same are challenging. More innovations can be expected on this front.

Machine learning Machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence. The objective of machine learning is to write programs that have a self-learning curve without being programmed to do so. Such a computer program will be able to access data and learn from it by themselves. Web development is undergoing innovations and new technologies are introduced very often. But, it looks like there is no product which completely satisfies the demand.

So we can expect more new designs, tool and technologies in the field of full stack and web development as a whole. We are already half the way into 2019 and as of now, these trending topics seem to be a good bet for learning.

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