Full Stack Development Projects

Full Stack Development Project

A full stack developer is an engineer who can independently design and create an end-to-end computer programming, including codes, databases, servers, and platforms. Depending on the solution stack utilised, full stack development projects may be divided into three categories: web stack, mobile stack, and native application stack.

As more organisations want to recruit full stack developers in India, "full stack developer" is a title that every other coding/development engineer wishes to add to their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. As a full stack developer, you'll need to be familiar with all of the technologies needed to create an application from the ground up. Most engineers seek to broaden their abilities horizontally in order to become full stack developers.

However, until the abilities are thoroughly understood, the claim will be meaningless. If you're looking to upgrade your abilities or skills to become a full stack developer, make sure to study all of the technologies in their entirety. Hands-on full stack development projects can aid in the acquisition of in-depth information.

In this post, we'll go through full stack development project ideas that you may try. For various projects, you should use different languages, databases, and frameworks. You can select from the examples below to create your own technology pairings.

What is Full Stack Developer 

Full-stack-web-development entails the creation of both the frontend (or front end) and backend (or backend) of a website or application. Front end and back end developers are usually necessary for every web development project; however, a full stack developer performs both.

Advantages of being a full stack developer

  • A full stack developer understands all of the techniques involved in a development project and can quickly construct a website prototype.
  • A full stack developer may also quickly transition between front-end and back-end, saving time.
  • A full stack developer can rapidly grasp the site's structure and assume control of the whole thing
  • Because they are all armed with different expertise, full stack developers have the capacity to identify and fix the underlying cause of the problem.

What will you learn in a full stack development project?

  • Front-end languages: HTML, CSS,javascript etc
  • Front-end frameworks: angularjs, reactjs, bootstrap, jQuery, SASS, Foundation, Semantic-UI, Materialize, Express.js, Backbone.js, Ember.js etc.
  • Back-end: php, C++, Java, python, JavaScript, nodejs
  • Back-end frameworks: Django, Express, Laravel, Rails, Spring etc
  • Database: Oracle,mongodb, MySQL

Check for full-stack-developer-course-syllabus to know more.

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Technologies used in full stack development projects:

  • Full stack web development
  • Web Development

Who this course is for:

  • Web Developers
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • Node
  • Express
  • MERN
  • Javascript

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1) A content management system

The greatest examples would be Wordpress and Drupal. Users of a CMS must be able to build a web page by dragging and dropping elements. Users should be able to drag and drop text or media materials into placeholders that are tied to certain areas on the web page.

Users should be able to create an entire website this way. Users should be able to publish blog articles as well. You'll need a text editor component for this, which receives user input text and transforms it to HTML before pushing it into a database.

The blog entries must be served from the database and shown to visitors in the page template created by the blog owner, and the website must be published across HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

2) A multi-client website that provides services to clients

Your main customers are merchants in this case. Merchants must be able to register on the site and build a personal profile with a list of their services and prices.

Users who are consumers of your customers should be able to register as users and make purchases from merchants. A consistent checkout procedure that is connected into a payment gateway system should be used throughout.

3) E-commerce website for automotive parts

You may create a conventional e-commerce website for this project by getting the source code that shows items for sale. Users should be able to pick and choose whatever goods they wish to buy and add them to their shopping basket. After that, users must be able to pay via a secured payment gateway.

4) Application for food delivery

This app should be able to act as a link between cafes and customers. Restaurant proprietors must be able to register and display their menu items, as well as their prices. Users must be able to register, browse local restaurants, and place orders from those eateries.

Restaurants should accept the order and allocate the order to a delivery person. The user who requested meals should be able to see the delivery person's position as well as the delivery's dynamic ETA. Throughout the application, the cart and payment pages must be distinct.

5) App for grocery delivery

Assume you're working on a project for a large online department store. Assume that their godown is stocked with a variety of grocery products. All goods, as well as their quantities and pricing, must be posted on the website.

Users must be able to register and make purchases. The system should display delivery slot alternatives to the customers, and they should be able to select their preferred slot. The user must then be sent to the payment page, where he or she may make the payment using a preferred method.

6) Used furniture e-commerce portal

Assume this project is for a startup that buys secondhand furniture from customers for a fee, refurbishes it, and then sells it for a profit. Secondhand furniture that is currently for sale must be shown on the website.

The users must be able to sign up for an account and create a profile on the site. Users must be able to look for and purchase the goods they desire before proceeding to the payment page. The estimated arrival time of the goods must be notified to the user through email and shown on the order page once payment is successful.

Users must also be allowed to sell the firm secondhand furniture. Users must be able to submit images of the products they are selling. Company administrators must be able to determine whether or not to purchase based on the photos.

7) A website for motor vehicle maintenance at home

This concept will be for an automobile workshop that plans to provide servicing to customers at their homes. On the website, the workshop must be able to show their services and prices. To cart the needed services, users must be able to register and login. After that, users must be able to confirm the service time slot and finish the checkout procedure.

full stack development projects ideas for beginners

8) Application for project management

This will be the most difficult of all, with several elements. The framework should be similar to that of a basic social networking site, with users able to connect with one another. Projects and tasks inside projects should be created by users.

Users must be able to give tasks to other users and remark on them in the same way that they would on social media. Each user can start with a calendar view and a kanban-style board. When tasks and projects are done, users must be able to close and archive them.

9. Social media app

A social media app is one that allows users to interact with one another online (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more). Building a social networking app is a great method to learn how to prioritise efficiency, security, and the app's appearance while creating an interesting platform for users. Github helps to build software to create an app.

10. Todo list

Making a Todo List is a standard full stack project. This is the most beginner-friendly project on the list. Create a website where users can log in and add and remove to-do items from a list. Authentication, CRUD, databases, and other topics will be covered in this project.

11. Chat app

Everyone is talking about this full stack project these days. Create a website for this project that allows people to talk discreetly and in groups. Real-time data transfer, frontend frameworks, authentication, security, and more will all be covered in this project.

How to get full stack development project ideas?

Observe your surroundings and look for any issues that may be resolved online. This is the most effective method for locating the greatest Web development coding side project ideas.

It's difficult to create something that doesn't already exist since you have to do everything yourself. It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot of new topics while also brushing up on your creativity.

If the problem you're tackling has promise, you can turn it into a successful venture with the right business strategy.

Which full stack development project is best?

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

However, if you are an experienced coder, keep in mind that instead of duplicating applications and websites, you should build something valuable.

Cloning anything will undoubtedly teach you a lot of new things, but the extent of its use is limited because a massive service already exists. If you develop something unique that addresses a problem, you are not only helping others, but also making money.


Being a full stack developer is a difficult profession, which is one of the reasons full stack developers earn a high pay. It's challenging, but it's feasible if you put in the necessary effort. You'll gain hands-on experience which can be included in your full stack developer resume/portfolio with all of the underlying technologies if you implement these project ideas utilising various tools and frameworks.

Make sure you're not using the same language, database, or framework on every project. We believe that completing these tasks will provide you with a fantastic learning experience.


1. What are some full stack projects?

  1. Content Management System for a blog.
  2. Multi-client website offering client services.
  3. e-commerce website for automotive parts.
  4. Food delivery application.
  5. Grocery delivery application.
  6.  e-commerce portal for used furniture sales.

2. How long does a full stack project take?

In order to assist applicants lay a solid foundation in the subject, industry specialists frequently enroll in six to twelve month-long Data Science courses. Depending on where you live and how well-known the college is, a BSc in Data Science might cost anywhere from 3 to 6 lacs.

3. Full stack project ideas 2023

The following eight full stack project ideas do an excellent job of leveraging both front-end and back-end development, however there is no such thing as the ideal project. E-commerce Website

  • Food Delivery App
  • Social Media App
  • Chat Messaging App
  • Content Management System
  • Blog Site
  • Workout Tracker App

4. What is an example of a full stack application?

The example of a full stack application are LAMP stack: JavaScript, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. MEAN stack: JavaScript, MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node. js

5. What is the future of full-stack developer?

Companies are eager to employ experts that have understanding of all the layers of an application and can take full leadership of a project, thus the year 2021 is regarded to be the greatest time to start your career as a Full Stack Developer. You must have both technical and soft abilities as a Full Stack Developer.

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