Python developer salary in India

Do you want to know how much a Python developer salary in India?

Python has been sweeping the programming world throughout the previous decade, and its popularity grows with each passing year. Surprisingly, the language has been around for three decades and has even exceeded 'conventional languages' like Java, C#, and PHP. Because of its versatility, it has become one of the most in-demand technologies worldwide. As a result, the Python developer salary in India is much more than that of individuals working with traditional web-development languages, as noted above. A data science certification from a reputable institute can boost your compensation.

We are certain that this must-have has inspired your desire to become a Python coder! Let's look at who a Python developer is and python developer salary in India is.

What Exactly is a Python Developer and What Do They Do?

python developers are often in charge of creating and coding software applications using the Python programming language. Python developers' primary tasks include developing back end code, debugging issues, and integrating. Python developers have long worked on web development and data analysis, but machine learning, which is relatively new, is successfully leveraging Python developers to create apps.

Python developer salaries in India have skyrocketed since data scientist entered the scene. As a result, the demand for Python developers is increasing in tandem with their pay.

Skills Required for Python Developer

If you want to be a successful python Developer in India, you must constantly improve your abilities, learn new things, and upskill. Here are some of the most important talents to have if you want to work in Python.

Skills and Technologies

  • ORM (Object Relational Mapper) library knowledge
  • Python and Python web frameworks such as Django or Flask expert
  • Multiple data sources and databases should be able to be integrated into a single system.
  • Should be familiar with a variety of server-side languages such as Jinja 2, Mako, and others.
  • Basic knowledge of front end technologies. JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Understand the underlying design concepts that underpin scalable applications.
  • Should be comfortable with event-driven programming in Python. Should be capable of unit testing and debugging.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities
  • Python libraries such as NumPy and Scikit Learn must be used.

skills and technologies for python developer

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Job Descriptions for Python Developers

In 2023, Python is expected to be one of the most commonly used programming languages. The number of employment opportunities and organizations employing these functions grows in tandem with the increase in share and popularity. To enter the extremely competitive world, you must first understand the many employment opportunities that are offered. A brief description of each position is provided below.

  • Software Developer/Engineer
  • Python web Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Software Developer/Engineer

software developer must be well-versed in core Python, several web frameworks, and ORM. To integrate apps with different components, a software developer must also grasp multi-process architecture. Skills such as front-end development and database understanding are helpful.

Python Web Developer

A Python web developer should be knowledgeable in web frameworks, HTML, and CSS. These are the prerequisites for web development. He or she must write server-side web logic. A good understanding of databases is a plus. Knowing libraries like Tkinter is advantageous when developing GUI-based web apps.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts must do data interpretation and analysis on a regular basis. Knowing Mathematics and Statistics is an important aspect of being a Data Analyst. Python libraries used for data visualization and manipulation include NumPy, Pandas, Matpotlib, and others; understanding this may be incredibly valuable to a Data Analyst.

Data Scientist

Knowledge of data analysis, data interpretation, data manipulation, mathematics, and statistics may help you make better judgments. As the work concentrates around development, he or she must be well-versed in libraries such as Tensorflow and Scikit Learn. Machine Learning methods such as Naive Bayes, regression analysis, and so on are also required.

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Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer must grasp deep learning ideas, neural network design, and machine learning algorithms, as well as mathematics and statistics. A Machine Learning Engineer should also be familiar with gradient descent, regression analysis, and prediction models. Machine learning engineers go beyond programming by channeling creativity and implementing it in applications.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An AI Engineer must have programming abilities, understanding of data science ideas, and data modeling techniques. He or she is supposed to program computers in the same way as a human mind might through cognitive simulation. Common tasks include reasoning, knowledge representation, and natural language processing (NLP).

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Salary of a Python Developer in India

For every working professional, money is one of the most important elements in deciding on a position. A python developer salary is determined on their level of experience. The higher a developer's compensation, the more experience they have. When it comes to the compensation of a Python Developer, there are various additional factors to consider. So, for the time being, let's look at the average wage and pay trends in India.

According to PayScale, the average starting income for a Python Developer salary in India is Rs. 412,200 for a fresher. It equates to about Rs. 30,600 per month. The pay might be as high as Rs. 1,000,000 per year. On the other hand, depending on abilities, experience, and employment location, the minimum annual compensation might be approximately Rs. 205,006.

Python Developer Salary Factors

The most often sought aspect is the Python Developer Salary in India. It is reasonable to state that a Python Developer's wage structure and job progression are inextricably linked. Python job salaries in India are mostly driven by the four elements listed below:


Assume you are a beginner Python developer in India. Your annual pay would be around Rs. 415,273.

You advance in your career as you obtain more experience and talents. You are now a Python Developer at the Mid-Level. Your average pay after the promotion would be Rs. 900,800.

Consider yourself a few years in the future. You are now an experienced and senior Python Developer. So your new compensation would be around Rs. 1,140,000.


In Indian cities, technology has been on the increase in recent years. Python Developer Jobs are available all around the country, particularly in-

Bangalore Rs. 7,71,365
Chennai Rs. 6,42,500
Delhi Rs. 3,40,761
Gurugram Rs. 700,716
Hyderabad Rs. 7,23,794
Mumbai Rs. 6,32,272


Job role

It's worth noting that knowing one programming language qualifies you for a variety of professions in the IT industry.

Check out some of the most popular Python Developer job positions and their average pay in India as published on PayScale -

Job role Salary
Python Web Developer Rs. 427,253
Data Scientist Rs. 812,895
Machine Learning Engineer Rs. 701,254
DevOps Engineer Rs. 700,785
Python Software Developer Rs. 570,110


Salary Comparisons of Other Software-Related Roles to Python developer salary in India

  • Ruby on Rails Developer average annual salary in India: ₹470,010
  • java Developer average annual salary in India: ₹500,714
  • Perl Developer average annual salary in India: ₹653,140
  • C++ Developer average annual salary in India: ₹442,225
  • front end Developer average annual salary in India: ₹450,380
  • .Net Developer average annual salary in India: ₹410,147
  • php developer average annual salary in India: ₹280,651
  • Python Developer average annual salary in India: ₹545,706

salary comparisons of other software related roles to python developer salary in india

Why should I learn Python?
  1. It is both strong and easy, it is frequently utilized by businesses.
  2. Its clarity and simplicity make it excellent for novices.
  3. Because of the huge demand, it provides good job prospects, particularly in the United States and India.
  4. It includes a number of frameworks to make website creation as simple as possible.
  5. There is a sizable community that is still contributing to its growth.
  6. It is regarded as the most effective for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  7. Python has already surpassed java as the second most popular programming languages on GitHub.
  8. You can construct your own Python DIYs with the Raspberry Pi!

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You now see why Python has grown by leaps and bounds, effectively infiltrating every sector! As a result, the need for Python Developers in India is increasing. Learning Python and becoming a Python Developer will earn you an incredible wage, whether you are interested in web development with Django or data science with NumPy or Pandas.

So, whether you're a newbie or someone caught in a rut, python is the key to unlocking new doors. Hope, Python developer salary in India would have enlightened you much more on the topic.

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